April 12, 2011
Have you ever get that feeling when someone that is so close to you and you haven’t seen that person for a long time, standing right in front of you while your face burning with heat. That is what is happening to me right now, standing in front of a young man about in his 20’s, who is one of my father partner that I haven’t seen for three years. His name is Juri with hair like the color of jet black, eyes like an owl with a hint of green in them and pale like a ghost that doesn’t have any emotion. We used to be lover three years ago, it’s the reason why I’m feeling like this.

Few hours ago I was in school in my 8th period class, looking out of the reflected glass window while daydreaming. “Chiyuki! Pay attention.” Sensei said interrupting my daydreaming. My full name is Chiyuki Yagami my last year in middle school and so far hating it. I am a loner and doesn’t feel any emotions because of this one person. I have hair the color of a raven and brown highlights, a little tan and eyes like a wolf. My family is descendant from a aristocrat which means that my family is rich, but I’m not spoil that you think I am because my parent never buy anything for me and I have to buy something with money that I earned by myself. I sigh and rolled my eye at my sensei when she turn around writing words I didn’t even know on the board.

A few minutes later the bell finally ring, I got up and put up my stuff in my locker and start to head out to my home.

I finally got to my mansion cover the rooftop all over of gold and black, wall with stone and roses surrounding the mansion like on one of those old haunted mansion except it isn’t haunted and huge walls surrounding the mansion with a big gate. When I gotten close enough to the gate there was a figure standing on the doorstep and I squinted my eye, it looks like he waiting for someone, So I decided to unlock the lock from the gate to let myself in and help that person. Except it was the biggest mistake I made ever in my life. I Stop in my track when I realized who I was facing at that I haven’t seen in a long time, in disbelief I rub my eye to see if I have fallen asleep in school and maybe that I haven’t waken up yet, but sooner or later I realized this is the reality.

It was Juri who have left me for another person that he said he “loves”. He was the first person who captured my heart, but broke it in half three years ago. At this moment I just didn’t know what kind of emotion I was feeling anymore, so I look away trying my best not to cry. When Juri said, “......Chiyuki let’s get inside we need to talk about something.” interrupting the silence. I quickly went inside towards the huge living room avoiding eye contact when I walk past him. I finally found my destination and waited for Juri that is suddenly right behind me closing the huge door making me flinch. We stood still for about a few minutes when Juri still didn’t say anything I got annoy, so I slowly asked, “.....What do you want to talk about?”making Juri jump a little by hearing my voice. “Well since your parent still on their business trip from London. They didn’t wanted you to be alone so they asked me to look after you since you and I are so close....... together.” I turn around to glare at him. “...Well used to.” He slowly admitted. What?! this can’t be happening, why him? Can’t they get another person to look after me and beside I’m old enough to be alone I can take care of myself. I sigh. “When are they coming back?”I asked without the raging voice that wanted to come out of my mouth. Juri shook his head, “Well they told me at least for three months.” This is stupid! Last time they left me alone more than three months before and nothing have happen well except for that one incident when I almost suicide myself, but still why do they finally wanted me to be look after by the person who broken my heart. I just can’t figure out a explanation. “Fine I don’t care as long you don’t brother me.” I answered. Juri look down and sigh like he was expecting that I would say something like this. Was I being to hard on him well, since he hurt my feeling for three years I think I should let him have the same pain as me. I didn’t want to be with the same room with him anymore, so I try to slip by him fast and quietly at the same time. Until something stopped me like a cold feeling holding onto my arm. I look at the strong hand that grab me and up at his face with a sad and guilty aura surrounding him.

I wondered what he wanted. Does he still wanted to apologized me for that awful thing that he have done, who doesn’t love me for me or who I am. I didn’t wanted to talk about it, so I try to loosen the grip, but instead his gripped became more tighter and almost making a bruise from it. It hurt so much that I couldn’t take it anymore, “Let me go! Stop it you’re hurting me!” I yelled breathlessly. I wish someone would hear my scream and taking this man from me eternally....

~Juri P.O.V.~
I snapped back to reality and realized what I have done. I loosen the gripped and let go of her arm with a light shade of red on her arm by my strength. I stare into her face, her eyes started to water and slowly one tear drop down on her now rosy cheek. She wipe her eyes quickly, running out of the room. I can’t believe I did that to her. I didn’t mean to hurt her, all I ever wanted was to tell her that I lied about being with another woman. I wanted her to know all I ever think about is her, that I’m still in love with her. It must have been tough living her life because of me, stupidly by telling her I left with another woman, only trying to protect her from danger and instead the danger who is me that hurt her then keeping her safe. I went up to her room and held my hand up when I was about to knock on the door. “Leave me alone I don’t want to talk to you, so just go away please!” She yelled through the door. I Sigh, I’m guessing she hate me now more than before, she doesn’t want me here, so I decided to talk through the door and try to explain, telling her the truth of my feelings. “Chiyuki...Please I wanted to explain about why I left you.” “There is no need for explaining I already know the truth about your feelings, you left me and fall in love with a another person, you didn’t even tell me in person either if you did I would have let you go even though my heart is aching for you!” She replied back. I sigh I could hear her sobbing in her pillow through the door. Funny how when she trying to make it quiet enough for me not to hear, but it didn’t work I always knew she be crying because when something is wrong and she wouldn’t tell me she’ll be up in her room crying and not let me notice when we were still......loving each other strongly. “Please I wanted to talk with you for this one last time and I’ll be gone and leave you alone”I begged.

~Chiyuki P.O.V.~
Looking up from the pillow with my face probably all red and wet from my sobbing. I decided to let him talk to me and “explain” his feelings or whatever he wanted to talk about. Since he say he’ll be gone tonight and then I would forget about this horrible person for the rest of my life. I jump off my bed making a little sound against the wooden floor towards the door and slowly unlocking, turning the doorknob. I sigh and wipe my face before the door slowly opens. “Fine I’ll let you talk, but this is the last time okay?”I said. Juri nodded with his more saddened expression than before. I sat down on my comfortable bed and patted down beside me mentioning Juri to sit down beside me. Juri kept staring in my eyes never move an inch to look away like he is lock inside my wolf like eyes that have captured him into it bringing his soul to my heart seeing how heart broken I’ve been having for three years up till now. I made a little sound to interrupted him from his thought and he shook is head like a dog when trying to dry itself from the water. I just love the way he does that when he deep in his thought. He was shocked, making me realized what I just done, which I just laugh well more like a giggle out of nowhere. My cheek was turning red from it and glance away afraid he going to be thinking that I finally forgive which I haven’t. “So explain please?” I asked quietly. “Um...okay. To tell you the truth I......I never lost my love for you to be with other person.” He finally said with a little relief in his voice that he finally let it out. I widened my eyes thinking this is a lie! I just knew it. He would think I would forgive him right away I was about to protest, but then decided that I better hear what he have to say first then afterward I could beat him up and kick him out of the house. I kept silent for a while until Juri finally explain more of this. “I’m still in love with you I know you don’t believe me, but please I’m telling you the truth from the feeling in my heart.” He said, “I know you still hate me, so if you still wanted me to leave I will for the rest of your life if you wanted until you tell me your feelings even though I already know it.”I kinda feel sorry I guess he have suffer a lot when he didn’t want to say those words that left me crying for his love. He still love me and I say those awful things. I know I shouldn’t have believe him, but with the way his voice is not so cheerful when we were still in love. I hated this, why does it have to end up like this. “Juri.... I don’t hate you I never was to begin with even though I say that I hate you is not true. I been in love with you all this time while you were away from me, so I didn’t really care if you don’t love me or went with another woman because I act like I hate you, but on the inside I gave my heart to you.....” There I finally told him my feelings that I been having since he was away doing something which I wanted to know.

~Juri P.O.V.~
I didn’t believe what my ears was hearing. When she say those words “I been in love with you....” My body suddenly went on it own and grab her hand, pulling her into me, hugging her tightly like she was lost for eternally and found I have found her again all these years. She didn’t move an inch or refuse. She put all her weight onto me like she wanted me to protect her from the evilness. I heard a distant sound, realizing she was sobbing on to my shoulder. “Juri I’m sorry I said those mean things. I love you so much that I almost decided to kill myself telling myself that I wasn’t good enough to be the girl that you wanted me to be..”I gently stroke her soft black hair. “Oh Chiyuki you’re wrong. You’re the kind of girl that I’ve always wanted to love and I’m so happy to be with you again Chiyuki..... I love you always.” I replied. She lift herself from my chest looking into my eye. I was drowning into her wolf like eye, capturing me into her own world. Her hand was caressing my upper cheek and slowly move closer to me and I decided to do the same thing. Our mouth suddenly came crashing into each other making it into a passionate kiss. We finally break apart in about 20 minute, taking in oxygen. When suddenly Chiyuki giggle which was so cute. “Why you giggling?”I asked curiously just making sure there is nothing wrong with me. “I’m just happy that were together now and that was the longest kiss we ever have..”She laugh. I grin like an baka and push her down, lying on the bed with me on top of her. I kiss her passionately again and lean down to peck her neck. I look into her eye, “So does this mean you believe me and wanted me to stay?”I asked to make sure. She stop laughing and smile. “Of course as long you promise me you never leave me heart broken again.” She requested. I peck her forehead and caress her beautiful soft face. “ That the promise that I’ll always keep.”I said accepting her request.

~Chiyuki P.O.V.~
Three years later........

“Hey stop it! Hahahaha it hurting my ribs baka!”I yelled. Trying to get away from the tickling monster who is my lover, Juri. He ignore my yelling and kept on tickling. I laugh so hard that I was about to cry. “Who you calling a baka?”He asked finally let me go and peck me on the forehead. I look at him still laughing, “You are! Beside why are you doing this. I haven’t done anything to you.”I said. He snuggle into my neck, “That the point baka and also because I love the way you laugh.”He replied. I rolled my eye and unexpectedly he pull me outside, facing me with a smile. He held my hand and took a black box out of his leather jacket. When he open it, inside it was a beautiful diamond that is shape like a rose and it black, my favorite color. “Chiyuki I wanted you to know for the past few years that we’ve been together, my feeling have become more stronger then before and my love will always be with you, but I don’t know how to ask this..... um Chiyuki will you be my wife, who will give me the love that I been waiting for?”He proposed. I widened my eye and tears started to drip from my slightly tan cheek. I wanted to say something, but I was so excited that I jump and hug at the same time making him not ready for the attack, felling backward. We both landed on the soft grass that protect us from the hardness of the ground and started laughing. “I’m guessing that is a yes...”He said. I nodded my head. He held my hand putting the on ring on my right forefinger and kissing it when the beautiful ring is on my soft hand. I got off of him and he slowly sit up in a sitting position. He reach over wiping away the tears that is still left on my cheek. We both sit there hugging each other, when we let go, then I passionately kiss him. I was so happy that I wish we could love each other eternally and never breaking apart.

After we have the wedding and our honeymoon which was pretty great and it was my first time doing it too if you know what I mean, but anyways when we were spending together for one year as husband and wife I was pregnant with a twin. Can’t you believe that! It was a boy and a girl we both name the boy who is the eldest Sekai which means world and the little girl name is Tenshi, angel. Both of us were arguing over the names until we finally agree with it. So yeah, I love my kids and my husband with his silly smile. I was glad to have a happy life with a great family that I’m having. I hope we could be together until the end.

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