play practice/drama

April 4, 2011
By Anonymous

she walks to the auditorium, sad, alone, heart is broke but she has to stay strong. Boyfriend "Are you crying?" Girl "No I'm not." "Well whats wrong?" "Nothing." But we all know that everything is wrong inside so why tell him he wont get it. Another guy "wait hold on are you crying?" Girl "No I'm fine." She broke down in tears, everyone "Hey whats wrong are you okay?" Why wont everyone just leave me alone I can handle my own problems. Boyfriend "babe I'm sorry I don't know whats wrong but can you please tell me." Girl "fine okay whatever well everyone said we were in a fight and that you were going to break up with me." Bf: "That's not all what else?!" Girl: "Well okay." she starts crying, he holds her, Girl: "Okay so I'm thinking about my mom and I don't want to let her go but I know I have to and it's really hard I've never had to let go of something so big in my life before." She starts crying again and he holds her closer. She says "What if I died in your arms what would you do?" He says that he would have to die with hear. so she said I'm never going to leave you. <3

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