1095 Days of Pain

April 4, 2011
There are tears falling down your face. Your phone just lit up, but it was just your mom calling. It wasn’t him texting you. You remember when you set that specially for him, so you would always know when he was texting you. But why would he text you? Earlier, you came to the final conclusion that your phone will probably never light up like that when you get a text again. He’ll never talk to you again. All because you told him to, but that isn’t what you really want is it? But why would you want him to keep talking to you, after what he had done to you? Because you love him, that’s why. Three years had come down to one month, one month where you could actually call each other boyfriend and girlfriend. It’s what you’ve been dreaming of. And then it was all destroyed so easily one day. Those 31 days were filled with flirting, fighting, endless phone calls, crying, laughing, and most importantly love. Or, what you thought was love. Yeah, everyone tells you that you’re too young to love. They all say that you’re going to get hurt, but you don’t listen to them, do you? As soon as he saw her with someone else, he dropped you. He said that her really cared about you and thought that he loved you, but he wasn’t sure it was love.
Keep imagining this with me, just think about it right now. You have loved this person for three years, and you have had them tell you they loved you too. You finally get your chance to date that special light in your life, and finally tell everyone what a wonderful boyfriend you have. And then with that special smile you tell them your roller coaster love story. And all of that? It’s gone, in one day. The person you’ve talked to everyday, all day, for the last three years, isn’t talking to you. He won’t even look at you in school. You read your endless conversations now at their final end, when you were both talking about how much you love each other, and you tear up again. You hear the songs he would sing to you, and the tears are falling. You go to change his special ring tone so you don’t have to be reminded again, and it accidentally plays. Now you’re sobbing. You feel empty, and now matter how much your friends are trying to help you, no one is going to be able to take the pain away. And just when you think you’re okay, you’ll be all right, or that you’re over him, he’s back. His presence laughs at your pain, it makes fun of you for being so weak.

It’s now three months later. You have moved on and you haven’t thought about him in weeks. You have never been so happy. There’s this new boy you have a crush on. You’re thinking, how could life get any better? I have all of my friends, I’m alive, I have my family. And that’s when he launches his attack. It’s World War 3 inside your heart. He has decided he needs someone to care for him, and he has chosen you for his ally to help his wounds. It’s your decision; do you want to go back to what was once the greatest thing in your life and possibly get hurt again, or do you want to continue this blissful happiness? Now, we all know the answer that would be the smart decision. But did anyone say that the human race is all that smart?

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lovinglife said...
Apr. 29, 2011 at 1:33 pm
Well written!!  You can tell it is from the heart, and you can feel the pain of the writer.
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