That Summer

April 4, 2011
As Melanie got out of the cool water, she spotted him. AJ. He was in a wetsuit, solid black, unzipped at the waist. Melanie knew nothing could ever happen with him, she knew it was all in her imagination. She grabbed her board from the warm sand next to her, and headed up to her summer house, conveniently located on the shore of Huntington Beach in California.
Ever since Mel was a little girl, she wanted to live in California. Growing up, friends and family always told her she belonged on the beach. And the truth is, she did. Her dirty blonde hair looked perfect in or out of the water, and her half Puerto-Rican and half Italian, flawless skin always allowed for the perfect tan. Even her freckles on her cheeks and nose fit in perfectly. But born and raised in New York City, she knew that living in California would probably never happen.
When Mel’s dad told her that he was divorcing her mom, it was devastating. The only good thing about it was, her dad was moving to California. Although it was across the country, the court decided she could spend summers there. She immediately got her blue duffle bag from the top shelf of her closet, all the way behind her winter coats. She packed all her bathing suits, some towels, her wet suit and a tooth brush. She strapped her surf board to the top of her dad’s jeep wrangler and off they went.
After the long drive of listening to her dad oldies playlist, Mel was stoked to arrive at the house in Huntington Beach. She didn’t know how she would do it, but she was determined to fit in, and maybe even find a summer romance.
One day, after her morning surf, Mel saw him. He was perfect with his bleach blond hair and green eyes. Just taking one look at AJ, she knew he was popular and he would never fall for the new girl. After her surf, Mel walked the pier for a while. She would a few friends, locals who knew the best surf spots. And she saw him again. This time, it wasn’t a ‘stare from a far’ thing. It was ‘texting while walking and not watching where you’re going’ thing. Mel walked right into AJ. When their eyes met, everyone around them could feel the sparks. It was like they were meant to be together. Too bad 1) she was only here for the summer, and 2) she didn’t even catch his name.

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