A Thing Called Love

March 26, 2011
By Anonymous

She gives me this feeling. It’s as light as air, untouchable. You can’t describe it in words, because believe me when I've said I’ve tired several times. The way music goes off in my head, or the smile that finds it’s way across my lips without any notice, or even when the fireworks that so many people express in books, in movies and how it’s a feeling that could set a whole world on fire. You can’t place love in a jar like a firefly. No, no, it has to be free like everything else in life.

Her hands trace stories along my body like gold, leaving her imprint of memories so I can remember each and every one. Her giggle reminds you of an earlier time when you were a kid, a kid with no worries in the world. A kid who’s mindset was but of a child who only cared to play with friends or race across the lake to the other side. The kid who’s mom would give their young child kisses when they cut their leg on something sharp.

This is what she gives me now. Bandages to cover all the scars of my past, she wiped my slate clean. All of my past mistakes, flaws, relationships gone in a blink of an eye. It was just her and I now, two people happy together while we lay in bed to enjoy the company of each other. Talking. Listening. Breathing the same air, feeling that same exact feeling.

That feeling called love.

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