Long Days and Short Nights

March 26, 2011
The days grew longer. The sun would rise beautifully over the mountains setting them to be many colors; pink, orange, purple, and blue. It would rise early in the morning. Most mornings I wouldn’t see the sun rise though. I was still fast asleep and wrapped up in his arms, under the sheets, breathing in his sweet scent. He would hold me all night long. Never letting go. I loved this time of year, when the days were long and hot, and the nights were short and cool.

There was never a night I missed the sunset. We would walk hand in hand in the surf. The sun would allow the ocean to reflect the colors. Colors that would soon be replaced by darkness, making the moon our only source of light. Those nights were peaceful and passionate; full of love. I didn’t mind when the day was over, because I knew it would just start again after the sunrise. I would always be with my love at the beach house.

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