Interchangeable Part

March 23, 2011
Do you remember the time that love rained from the stars? I do...
You were a year younger than I. With a soft spot for troubled girls, I fit right into the missing puzzle piece of your heart. Oh, how it felt to be just 15 and in love with your best friend. That first day we met was so golden.

You hated me! I still won't let you forget that you did! Because I was a fun person you shut me out. All it took was a stressed out teacher to pair us together, and I cofronted you.
"Why do you hate me?" I asked so solemnly.
"Because you're a fun person," you sighed.
Do you remember how I dropped the programs in disbelief?
"You don't know me. I'm not as crazy as I seem."
"Well prove it. Tell a complete stranger your life story
in a crowd full of people. Are you really unlike the other
girls? Because you seem as if you are."
And so I told you a lovely tale about a ghost of a blonde with depression issues and a lying streak and a girl with no friends,phone, or iPod.
And then two weeks later, I confronted you yet again. But this time I told you I liked you but was anxious. When you asked me why I was scared and I told you about the reject-girl, and you said that I need not be, I cried of happiness. Nothing amounted yet, though, unfortunately.
You avoided the subject. A week later I asked why. You said I was the SEVENTH girl in a week to say this to you.
I remained your friend with secret feelings.
For a month, we grew closer and closer until I (secretly) was in love with you.

Now, months and months later, I sit, depressed, alone, your lover of the past. You are the factory system, I am no longer a specialized worker. I am an interchangeable part, and although you think I like him now, I still love you, and I will until I leave forever.

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