How Do Youu Know If Its Love?!

March 21, 2011
There once lived a young girl who had already had her fair share in boys and wonders,She lived in a small council estate it was close to shops and bars and the local town centre. She had a troubled childhood and when she started high school. She got in with what people call the ‘wrong crowd.’ She met a guy,one she though was gorgeous looking and a great laugh. He turned out to be horrible he treat her like total cr*p. She was taken for a mug. He got everything he could out of her. In the end she met another boy one that took her away from all the stress,hurt and upset. And been treated badly by a guy that was supposed to care and love her. He took her to his house held her tight and convinced her everything would be okay. That was the first time she heard them words and believed them. That morning She left with a smile on her face like no one could imagine. She left and then forgot about going to see him or the lad she cared and loved dearly he didn’t even care . So she decided that she didn’t. She then saw her knighting shinning armour two months alter the sparks, connection between them was almost overwhelming. That was the last time she saw him until A night she was supposed to get a bus but she missed it by a mili second then she realised why as she got on that next bus she was about to get of when she spotted her savour walking up the bus almost bouncing with sparks they exchanged numbers and that’s where it all began. They clicked instantly like they had never been apart and after every night they exchanged countless messages. She realised she liked him so much more than mates and asked if he still felt the same he said that his feelings for her would never go away and they met and from that day they were inseparable they were stuck, loved up messages, nightly phone calls, and sweet cuddles and kisses they were loves young dream they was just one thing there whole relationship was a secret to the outside world. Nobody knew but her sister they’d spend nights there and just be them they loved it but as she began to fall in love with him. The more she didn’t want them to be a secret the more she couldn’t deal with it. She was able to say to her mates she ‘loved’ him but they thought she meant it as mates but she meant it as in she wanted to be with him always. The person she’d grow old with. As they went on weekends away and cuddled up movies she though that she would rather have this than give it up just so people knew. They were in love then somehow it all went wrong she doesn’t know why or how but she knows who. He left her without a reason, a sorry, an explanation he picked up and just walked away to her friend’s bed. She was left nursing a broken heart for 8 months. But she realised that he was never coming back.

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