Youu Never Know What Yo've Got Untill Its Gone

March 21, 2011
By LoveeHurtss BRONZE, Leeds,
LoveeHurtss BRONZE, Leeds,
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"If Youuu Love Soemone Let Them Go If Theyy Come Back There Yours Forever If Theyy Dont It Was Never Meant Too Be."

she met ‘the one’ or at least so she thought as she walked up the golf course he walked down it was amazing. As they play fought around and shared numerous amounts of kisses they were cute together. But as they shared that kiss at the end of the night that was the last ‘meaningful’ kiss they exchanged. They walked away there separate ways. That was the end but she memorised his number and call him that very next day they stayed on the phone that day for nearly four hours and spend the rest of the day texting each other. He was absolutely gorgeous but more than that he was smart, funny, kind, caring, thoughtful, trustworthy he was just amazing. He was shocked she was interested in him but for her it was the other way. She couldn’t get over the fact that he liked her enough to just give her the time of day. She’ll never forget the sweet amazing things he said to her when they got together she couldn’t believe he wanted to be with her. But he did he cared it was mesmerising to her. But then she messed up and chucked everything they could have had away straight down the drain. She told him the mistake she had made he was devastated she wont ever forget his status update that minute it read ‘’ Wanted that to work so much really didn’t want that </3’’ It broke her heart to see that he really did care why would she do that but she did and although he said he cared enough to work through it he couldn’t they remained meeting and texting and speaking ion the phone in secret and she loved it. Although she knows it didn’t mean as much to him as it did to her. She couldn’t bare life without him init. But then something amazing happened she still loved him and they ended up sleeping together and it meant the world to her been in his arms the connection the same one from that very same day they met was still there it hadn’t gone. She cant say goodbye to that connections she believes it will work in the end Being in the arms of the lad she loves him holding her maybe other people see it as limited but she doesn’t care how long, she feels the connection when he smiles at her, texts her, hugs her and when he kisses her she just feels like she’s going to go into shock she believes that connection never fades it only gets stronger. She can say she hates him and never wants to see him again but as soon as he’s stood in front of her she realises no matter how hard they try they could never fall out and not speak again because somehow it just happens she’s known this lad for almost a year and everyday the love she feels for him gets stronger she can move on be with someone else forget about him but as soon as his name pops up in her inbox whether its facebook or phone or she see’s him in a picture or real life she just cant say I hate you because she knows deep down she will ALWAYS always love him and that will never go. So maybe the saying is true. “If you love someone let them go if they come back there yours forever if they don’t then it was never meant to be.” She believes that he is her mind heart her world her everything that this is meant to be and they will find there way in the end. Although He Leaves Pain In Her Head He's Left Unremoveable Footprints On Her Heart.

The author's comments:
A Lad That Walked Into My Life By Accident Somhow Stayed Around On Purpose That I Say Thank God.

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