Leaving Me Won't Break Me

March 17, 2011
By Suki-Alanna BRONZE, Arlington, Virginia
Suki-Alanna BRONZE, Arlington, Virginia
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The lake is frozen; it’s January and you and I are here, sitting in a peaceful silence. I look over and you smile. This night is perfect; I don’t wanna let it go. The wind rustled the evergreens, and the snow fell lightly and you brushed it off my face. Suddenly you grabbed my hand, and we ran toward the ice, laughing the entire time. I never saw a time like this, and now you’re leaving. Why are you leaving? Is it because I’m not good enough? Well, I don’t care; I’ll hold the memory of this perfect night forever, close to my heart.
We lay there, under the stars and on the cold, frozen flakes of beauty, until you turn your blond head toward me. I see the mischievous twinkle in your eyes, a twinkle brighter then the moon itself. You told me you loved me, so why did you go?
The next day you came to me, told me you were leaving. I didn’t cry, I didn’t break. I swore I wouldn’t. Not for you, never for you. I let you go, but didn’t forget about the night. I promised I’d remember, and I did.
I was saddened to see you leave me, but life goes on. I lived on, found another guy, and you left. Now you’re trying to claim that you did better than me? How, may I ask? Your friends said that you got depressed after I wouldn’t take you back, but what reason do I have to open up to you? I’m doing fine with my new boyfriend; I hardly ever miss you anymore. You played with my emotions, even tainting the memory of that perfect night.
Now you’re sitting at my front door, begging me to take you back, but it’s just stalkerish now. My friends are all freaked out, and my parents are trying to get a restraining order. Me? I guess I always knew it would come down to this, one of us holding the other person like this. I knew that you wouldn’t hold the power forever, but I wish it hadn’t happened. I wish I could hold the old Luke in my mind forever, the brave one, the one that wasn’t falling at my feet. Whatever happened to that Luke, my Luke?
Its done, your dead, and I’m not feeling any remorse. I guess it’s payback for everything you’d done to me, but I feel the last kiss, and “Luke” is forever the name on my lips. I loved you, and maybe I love you still, but I just can’t feel any remorse. I’m sorry Luke, I’m sorry. I’ll remember you forever, not at the boy who cried on my doorstep, but as the man I loved.

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Er...thank (or blame) Taylor Swift and this igoogle app, I guess.

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