Just Me and Him

March 17, 2011
By , Vandalia, MO
I have a question for you. If you saw a boy and a girl walking out of a high school walking closely together and laughing, wouldn’t you think that they were dating? Well, not in my case. We are coming out of our school and walking down the concrete steps that most students hate for various reasons like falling down ungracefully or knowing that they led to the school period. The final bell had rang and kids ran out of there like animals being released from the zoo.

So, we walk out slowly, one of the last to leave besides the people who actually enjoy the nice haven of school. He is doing what most boys do when talking to a girl, joking about someone or something. I nod my head in reply or laugh. The whole time I think, “Just ask me out or at least say that you like me.”

I mean, I am not a bad looking girl. I have long, wavy black hair and blue eyes that catch most peoples’ attention. I even have a sense of fashion, wearing a gray sweater with a brown shirt and skinny jeans with long, brown boots. What is wrong with me?

I walk slowly to try to make our time expand. We usually spend a lot of time together anyway because we are like best friends, but it is Friday so I won’t see him unless he asks me out like I have mentioned before. I bump my hand against his, seeing if he would notice, but if he did he didn’t show it.

We are now at the bottom of the steps, my hand gripping the shiny, black handrail, preparing to go our separate ways. While he finishes his thought, I take in his features that I like so much. His brown hair falls effortlessly around his head and his muscles on his arms bulge through his polo. His face is soft and his green eyes sparkle in the sunlight. His name is Justin by the way and that is an awesome name I think.

My hand is slowly slipping off the handrail, willing the time to expand just a little bit. Justin smiles and I smile back. Maybe I should just ask him. Should I?
“Justin, do you want go somewhere this weekend?” I ask, looking at the ground.
He pauses and I think that he is going to say no when finally he says, “Yeah, but isn’t the boy supposed to ask?” Justin says with a smile on his face.
I look up slowly and smile too.
“Well, maybe if the boy wasn’t so dim-witted,” I retort.

He walks over to me and grabs my waste. How did this happen so fast? I lean back against the rail and he leans in slowly. I follow and our lips touch softly. Justin pulls back after about four seconds and we smile at each other.
“Well,” I say, “I have to go home before my mom starts to wonder.”
“Yeah, you wouldn’t want that because she isn’t here to care for you right?” Justin says in a sarcastic tone.

I punch him softly in the shoulder and turn to walk away.
“See you at the skating rink tomorrow night. Is that okay?” Justin asks.
“Yeah, that’s great.” I walk away with a smile and my heart on my sleeve.

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teeninkwriter said...
Mar. 22, 2011 at 5:51 pm
really good!:) it was relatable and totaly realistic, boys can be so dim-witted about feelings sometimes
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