March 13, 2011
By youdontknowme9797 BRONZE, Crystal Lake, Illinois
youdontknowme9797 BRONZE, Crystal Lake, Illinois
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Dont wait for someone to inspire you, inspire yourself.

It wasn't much of a walk, but he insisted. My hands were freezing, there's no doubt about that. I was counting down the countless seconds until we reached my doorstep. Time goes by too quickley while you're in love. My hair was soaking wet and so was his. This was one of those moments in the movies where that background music would come in. But this is reality and there's no way what i was hoping would happen, would happen next. He looked me in the eyes. I hated when he did this because it made me extremely uncomfortable. But eye-contact... that's good right? He opened his mouth as if he was about to say something. Nothing. He just turned his back. As confused as i was, i just waited. It didn't even feel as though i was cold anymore. That was the least of my worries. Was he scared? Or was he just not into me? I didn't know him well enough yet to know what he meant by his body language. I tapped him on his shoulder. No response. "Peter", i spoke as softly as i could. My imagination drifted into love mode. I imagined him grabbing me. He was leaning in, but just before his lips reached mine he said something. He told me "I only think about you". And i opened my mouth to speak. He beat me to it and said "no". He kissed me, finally. It was unreal. I snapped out of it. It really was unreal. He stood there not talking. His back facing mine. I turned him around. He spoke, finally. This time not so softly like how I'd imagined. "I didn't want to have to do this". He was holding something. My eyes blurred trying to figure out what it was. I fell back. He caught me. And that was the last time i remember feeling alive. As he caught me I felt something sharp. Something out of the ordinary. I drifted away to a world i never knew. He had killed me.

The author's comments:
You never know what you're running into when you fall for someone.

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