The Ledrim Lovers

March 15, 2011
By ZacePuddle BRONZE, Boulder, Colorado
ZacePuddle BRONZE, Boulder, Colorado
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Riscalon sat upon the water. It was a great kingdom bearing many grand structures and was known for providing light to all that existed.
Grillant gave night to the world. It resided in the deepest and darkest section of the black forest, the kingdom hung from trees, suspended in the air.
Both distant nations functioned independently of one another and an impending war was near. Riscalon wanted to provide light for all while Grillant’s desires where merely to sooth the world with the comforting cloak of darkness.
A compromise was sought when the rulers of both kingdoms decided to abandon their incompetent diplomats and meet each other face to face. This meeting surprised all for it was unheard of to have a monarch leave its kingdom in such times of unrest, but each party saw it to be the only solution so they left their cities to meet at Ledrim the coastal city between Grillant and Riscalon.
King Sorowitz of the Light arrived first and waited patiently with his son, Prince Cal. The two talked of various treaties that could be made. Queen Rodheyal of the dark kingdom came shortly after with her son, Prince Ryne.
The two rulers retreated quickly into a conference chamber to discuss the political affairs leaving the heirs to the thrones alone together. The meeting was awkward at first, for the two knew not how to interact with one another. From their parents they knew always to behave politely in the presence of foreigners in order to look distinguished and maintain the royal appearance, but from the propaganda presented in their home countries they were conditioned to despise each other.
However neither of these backgrounds affected what the two princes felt on the inside. Cal was immediately struck by the beauty of Ryne, and Ryne was immediately overcome by some fatal attraction towards Cal. Several slow sentences were exchanged between the two as they became comfortable in each other’s presence. They conversed over a multitude of subjects, using the desire to learn of each other’s cultures as a front to get to know one another. Cal and Ryne were very content to be together and the two happily walked about the castle of Ledrim simply talking.
To their dismay the doors to the conference chamber opened and King Sorowitz and Queen Rodheyal stepped out with neutral expressions, a treaty in each hand. Neither monarch was pleased but they had a better outcome than the alternative. Each of them left taking their son with them.
In their respective kingdoms each boy dreamt of the other. They filled each other’s thoughts, consuming their minds. They knew that one day they would see each other once more. If fate’s grace would not have it be, then they themselves would make it happen. The strings of love tied Cal and Ryne together.
The agreement stated in the treaty was not satisfactory for either side. Tension grew once more between the two kingdoms so Cal and Ryne both suggested that another meeting was due. Eagerly they argued the points to persuade their parents that war was eminent if this meeting did not happen.
To Ledrim they returned, both princes ecstatic to be once again in each other’s presence. The parents discussed diplomatic issues yet again in the conference chamber of the castle while the boys discussed more personal matters. They paced routine routes around Ledrim’s castle, until they decided it would be pleasant to sit atop the tallest tower, overlooking the ocean to the east and the dark forest to the west. With help from each other they climbed atop its tall spire and held on. They observed the beautiful light radiating from Riscalon in the distance, and gentle darkness that hung about the forest in which Grillant resided. Cal and Ryne saw the worth of both, they saw the worth in each other, and as they held on to the spire the two conveyed their feelings of love, and shared a kiss.
They decided that it would be their love that would unite the two kingdoms once and for all. When the princes went down to inform their parents of this happy news they found the door to the conference chamber open. King Sorowitz and Queen Rodheyal were engaged in a heated conflict. The two attacked one another with screams and shouts and sharp vulgar words. Defeated and devastated the two princes were pulled apart and taken to their separate kingdoms for there was to be a war to settle which force would rule once and for all, light or dark. Leading the armies from each kingdom were Cal and Ryne.
The armies of both kingdoms met at the shore of Ledrim ready for battle. Reluctantly commanding the forces Cal and Ryne began the fight.
Thousands of men on each side charged unleashing everything in their artillery. The warriors of Grillant cloaked themselves in the shroud of darkness while they advanced on the soldiers of Riscalon. Those of Riscalon attacked with blinding light. In the center of the battlefield fighters were engaged in all forms of swordplay, sorcery, dueling, use of heavy artillery, and many other forms of combat. The attacks of the advancing forces of light and dark left the world in a mixture of orange and purple skies.
In the center Cal and Ryne stood, both wielding the blades of their kingdoms. All around the battlers were watching the two intently, seeing who would make the first move.
Both drew their swords reluctantly and blade met blade. Tears streamed down their faces as they fought one another. Neither one even attempted to land a blow upon one another, thus scaring and the one they loved. Then Cal dropped his blade. Ryne dropped his too. And both walked off to their respective kingdoms. They knew what must be done.
To end the war once and for all they were to deal with the causes of the war. The light and the darkness.
In the center of each city was a large shrine where their respective forces rest. Cal stepped right into the large burning ball of light, Ryne into the swirling sphere of darkness, out they stepped with concentrated forms and the orbs vanished. The princes returned to the battlefield where their swords were laying crossed. And they offered one another the purest forms of what their kingdoms stood for.
Neither one wanted to take them from the other. So each Prince placed theirs forward and the light and dark became one.
Darkness expanded everywhere, light gathered and condensed within it creating stars. The world was shattered and turned into separate spheres that gathered into clusters orbiting these stars. Cal and Ryne decided that they would remain close and watch over a world of their own, So Cal became its star to give day constantly to its inhabitants, and Ryne became its moon constantly providing light to its night. Together they watched over this planet and provided it with the perfect balance of necessary light and dark.
The two lovers lived happily in each other’s presence forever more.

The author's comments:
There is a lack of contemporary fairy tales.
Also an absence of LGBT stories where the main issue is not the fact that its LGBT.
This story gives a new life to both genres.
Also it's a piece I practiced with style on.
I was inspired by a multitude of forces my original intention was to write something in a similar style to Razia's Shadow.. but that didn't happen.

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This article has 2 comments.

on Mar. 21 2011 at 9:05 pm
Cinnaminnamin, Rockwall, Texas
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Rather nice, a creative LGBT story. Dosen't drag on into detail either, It was rather cute :)

on Mar. 21 2011 at 11:02 am
This is really amazing! I agree, there needs to be more GLBTQ stories that just focus on love and not only the trials of being gay. thank you for sharing!


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