this is we

March 14, 2011
By Anonymous

The cool cave rock sucked moist against our backs. With our hands entwined we counted the stars and swore that wed never love another. He took a knife and we mixed our blood next to candlelight as it cast our shadows on the wall. this is where we trapped paper hearts in bottles and sent them out to sea. This is where we traced the outline of our bodies with charcoal from the fire of our dreams. This is our cave. Our secret cave .a few feet from sandy shores. We pop up like beavers from an underwater entrance. Collecting seashells in mason jars and lining shrak teeth down our backs. Fish school beneath our feet as we tie our secrets to rocks. Watching them drop towards infinity. It smells of salt. It smells of skin. It smells of ocean scorched kisses and sunburnt shoulders. This is ours. This is us. And We’ll glue ourselves with honey to this place we so love.

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