His Eyes

March 11, 2011
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Every day seemed like the same Wake up, eat breakfast, Get dressed, go
to school, come home, eat dinner, and sleep. it just seemed to much put together. As i walked down the hallway trying to avoid everyone so i would fall on the ground from being knocked over, but it was to late someone had come up from behind me and hit me to hard on my shoulder. My books scattered all over the ground i quickly went around trying to collect them all before anyone kicks them somewhere else. when a Boy came over and bent down helping me pick up all my books as he handed me my books i glanced into his eyes for a few seconds and he glanced back into mine but in those few seconds i felt my heart beating louder than ever it felt as if i could hear it and everyone else could too. And his eyes were like a splash of sun light gazing back into mine i felt unmovable and i couldn't even speak i felt helpless... I felt as if his eyes had controlled my mind to make me do absolutely nothing but then he broke the glance he slowly got up and walked away. i stared at him walking away. then the bell rang so i ran to class hoping not to be late. but it didn't really matter to me i would be thinking about him all day and probably get in trouble a few times but i didn't care. When i got home i skipped dinner and ran up to my run still thinking about him. The next day i realised that he was in my English class I felt my blood rushing through my body and i couldn't barely breath. i tried not to stare at him afraid he would notice me and freak out. After the class i walked out and he ran up behind me and handed my my backpack "hey you forgot this." he said. "oh thanks so much." i said while smiling. "wait are you that girl that i helped in the hallway yesterday?" he asked "yeah that was me by the way thanks for helping me pick up the books that was really nice of you, um..-?" i said. "oh its Keath." he said replying to my unfinished sentence. "Well thank you keath." i said finishing my sentence. "and You are?" he asked.
"oh yeah I'm Gabby." i answered.
"nice to met you Gabby. well i got to go to my next class i hope to see you around." he said "ok see ya around." i said while he walked away. i stared at him til he reached the corner then i started jumping around so happy that he had noticed me, wait not noticed ACTUALLY talked to me! At the end of the day i raced home and i jumped on my bed so happy and so filled with joy. when my mother came in i hugged her and started jumping all over again. she asked my why i was so excited and i told her every detail of that day. The next day when i went to English i wasn't the one staring at him he was the one staring at me, i noticed through the corner of my eye but didn't look over because i didn't want to worry him. After every day at school we would hug good bye. It had came that we were best friends. after 2 months of knowing each other he finally asked me "Gabby we've known each other for more than 1 month and i think your the most amazing girl I've ever met. will you please be my girl friend?" he bit his lip nervously waiting for the answer. i hugged him tightly and kissed him on the lips
"I've been waiting for you to ask me this since i had first met you."
we had been going out for 5 years and the time kept passing bye... we both had grown older and we had fall in' in love. once i had turned 23 he had asked me to marry him at the most finest restaurant he could find. i stared into his powerful eyes and i had the same feeling that i had when i first met him.
"Who ever would say no to you would be an idiot." i said to him. he smiled and kissed me. "this is the happiest day of my life." he said.
The years had passed longer and we had a happy marriage but had are fights. Who doesn't? I had given birth to 2 beautiful girls and they Gave birth too, and the cycle moved on. The night that me and Keath knew we were going to pass on we kissed 1 last time and said "ill met you in the next life time." that night we died while holding hands. and all i had hoped is that my 2 kids and their kids and theirs kid's kids can all experience the love that i have had.

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