You're The one for me

March 9, 2011
So I just wanted to let you know that you are the worlds BEST BOYFRIEND ever!
And you mean MORE then the world to me.
Even though I show more then enough affection I believe that it shows how much I care!
You're like my best friend and boyfriend
Being with you lets me breathe easier.
Smile more often..
and LOVE more then I've EVER loved ANYONE.
It may seem CraZy ButTtT...
when Im not with you I think of being there.
Holding your hand.
Laughing .
Kissing the lips of the one person I truly care about.
I would never hurt you
Hurting you means
And the though of that just KILLS ME
You are the one person that makes me smile before bed every night
The one that I always want to say
so you know just how much I want you
Forever and always Ill be true to you
Ill never do anything to hurt you because
If your gone I have nothing to smile at
Nothing to look forward to and no one to love like I've loved you.
I do think this is true love.
Because Sometimes.
It hurts when I'm not by your side
If you think I'm crazy then that's okay
But I just had to let you know your the one for me
and I love you for who you are.

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