High School-Part ONE

March 6, 2011
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To me, high schools a bunch of crap. It’s not even about education anymore, it’s all just a popularity contest, and this is my account of high school.
When she walked into class, I could tell something was different. She wasn’t wearing any eye makeup. This surprised me; she always tried to look her best and had one of the nicest guys as a boyfriend. Of course she was overly popular; everyone loves a pretty girl. Her eyes looked drained of any confidence, and she looked like she’d missed out on sleep for a whole week. I watched her go and take her seat. As class ended, her group of girlfriends surrounded her with questioning looks. She just shook her head, and the rest of the girls began in their usual chatter of gossip. The bell finally dismissed us, and everyone fled into the hall. I saw Chelsea looking around nervously, perhaps for her boyfriend, who possibly wasn’t in school.
I’m not one to be talking, because I’m just the one from above looking down. Yep, I used to go to this school…until I was killed…in a car crash, but that was a while ago and people and memories fade. So here I am, stalking up the school that was my own personal hell and prison. Its interesting being up here, no one can see me taking everything in. I didn’t know all this happened, I didn’t see people’s inside feelings, but now I can, and I have to tell you.
Ah Morgan, what a freaking creep. No not really, that’s how she’s viewed from high school’s point of view. I watch her walk down the hall; her eyes dilated, most likely from the pot session her and her group of stoners had had before school. People walking by her glare in her direction. They don’t know how hard her life is. Ok, so I guess being a stoner is the easiest life someone could have, but they don’t know what goes on at home; social services hasn’t yet found out that her parents left her almost four months ago. Now she’s on her own and trying to fend for herself, but she’s slowly breaking…her heart being torn…; she’s having to choose between two paths, but drifting towards the third one…straight to hell.
When I was in high school, I hated James with a fiery passion. Jerk off. Player. Now from up here, I can’t completely look at him in a clean vision. All I can say is I feel bad for him. He has some insane pressure coming from his dad, and he has a broken heart. It was sophomore year when he changed; Maddie had broken up with him after three years of dating. They were the model couple, always together, yet always apart. Just perfect. Then James got into lacrosse, and lacrosse did him good. He received sculpted abs and defined biceps. And from all the movies we’ve all seen, everyone can tell he’s a jerk, and it’s true. He treats everyone he meets like a piece of the last condom he used. Yep, the classic high school player. Make and break.

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