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March 5, 2011
By , Petal, MS
He grabs my hand and gently rubs his thumb against my hand. Its warm. I smile :) My dad was about to pick me up from the skating rink so I had to make it quick before i left. I told him to follow me and I led him out the door. I took him behind the skating rink and new what was about to happen.
"So you really want to do this?"
"I'm a little nervous."
"Don't be nervous, baby. I've got you."
I slowly closed my eyes and leaned towards his face and instantly our lips joined. It was like Heaven but with a jolt at first. Breathe I told myself, carefully massaging his lips with mine. I would slowly say a cute hello with my tongue. He would say hello back :) Pretty soon we had started a pretty good conversation. But I had to end it before something happened that I would really regret. I didnt want to but I had no choice. I leaned away from his sweet wet lips and smiled. He, too, knew that this was goodbye for now. We said our goodbye's and walked to our cars and left. Seconds later, my pocket began to vibrate. I took out my phone and saw that it was from him. It read "Hi :)" and I smiled to myself.

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