Jack and Jill

March 5, 2011
By Anonymous

Dear Jack,
I am sick of you. Everyone thinks we like each other, but we always say "No".
You flirt nonstop. You tell me "I love you!" but it’s not like that, right? You are like my brother.
You have dated all seven of my best friends, and I know why you wouldn't date me. Its ‘cause my body isn’t “kickin’” isn’t it? I'm not skinny enough right? Pretty? Sure! Skinny? No! Well, guess what Jack? I forgot to tell you, but over the summer I lost all my flab! I’m as beautiful as all the other girls now. So you know what Jack? About that question you asked me earlier today? No! If you couldn’t appreciate me with a few extra pounds, you don’t deserve me!

“Sorry, Jack! I thought we had both agreed we didn’t like each other! That’s what we’ve been saying for years! Oh, by the way! Do you know if Brenton likes me? I saw him staring at me in Science today! Oh, you don’t? That’s ok! Yeah, see you later. Bye!” Oh, and Jack? I forgot to tell you something! I love you and I’m going home now to cry my eyes out. Guess we weren’t went to be, huh?
Love, Jill

The author's comments:
Based on true events.

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