Dream Night

March 5, 2011
By marselina13rivera PLATINUM, Dover, Delaware
marselina13rivera PLATINUM, Dover, Delaware
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Eight o'clock is her deadline. The doorbell is going to ring at eight fifteen. This is the big night, this is her dream night. Everything has to be perfect.

A nice hot shower, with raspberry cream scented soap and shampoo. Pick out a dress, sexy, yet tame. Hair, and makeup are next on the list. A casual, yet classy ponytail with glitter and all. Dark blue eyeliner to match her dress. Shes got a bit of eyeshadow on, a sparkly blue, along with mascara, and a hint of bronzer to cover any blemishes. The last thing to go on her face is a bit of coffee bean lipstick.

She is pleased with her reflection in the mirror, and checks the time. Seven forty five already! On that note, she slips a diamond encrusted heart necklace around her neck. Fourteen karats of her good luck charm. After this, she slips on her studded Christian Louboutins, picks up her sequined blue evening bag, and does a spin in front of the mirror.

She heads downstairs at eight o'clock. Fifteen minutes until her dream night begins. Eight ten, excitement grows inside her, five more minutes. The time flies quickly, and soon it is eight thirty. He must be running late, she tells herself,he will be here as soon as he can.

Nine thirty, the traffic must be really heavy. Ten thirty,he got lost. Eleven thirty, mom says to give it up.

Eleven forty five, she goes back upstairs, and into the bathroom. Sobbing like crazy, she throws her evening bag into the bathtub.” HE STOOD ME UP!” she screams. Frantically, she searches the bathroom for a razor blade. In the third drawer down, on the left side, she finds one. She tears open the brand new razor blade package, and rips off the blade cover.

After slicing at her arms and legs for a while she finally makes the last slice,

her left wrist.

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