lighthouse love

March 9, 2011
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Two young teen was at the lighthouse saying I love you for the first time at the lighthouse.

Chapter 1: lighthouse
On very warm night with the full moon and twinkle stars. Raymond and I walked to the lighthouse. We walked through the quiet pathway where no nobody around. There was little white- crystal rock laying everywhere around the lighthouse. Raymond opened the door for me and I walked in. he came behind me and held my left hand. We walked up the stairs; when we got to the top, he opened the big black door. I went through the door and saw the most beautiful view. I saw the mountain sitting on the side and the big ocean everywhere. I started to spoke, “Wow it’s so beautiful.” Raymond put his arms around my waist and said. “I know. I pick this place because this is how beautiful you are.” I smile and turn around to face him. I look at his beautiful eyes realized I was lucky to have him. I stare at him for a while. He came close to me and put his lip on mine. He kissed me with passion. I felt some firework in my stomach. I call this love. After a three minutes kiss, it was getting late. We began walking down the stair while holding hand tight. The candles were glowing through the dark building. Raymond stops at the middle of the stair and turn to face me. “I love you. “He looks straight into my eyes. “I love you too.” I said to him. I smile and kiss him.

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