Last Kiss

March 7, 2011
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He opened the car door for me and I stepped into the passenger seat of his baby blue Chrysler. Jaime said he got it that color to remind him of me. He said that it will always remind him of that blue sweater I wore when he first saw me. How he didn’t know my name yet. Only that I was the cutie in the blue sweater. My stomach was filled with fluttering butterflies at the thought of remembering those bright, green eyes staring at me that first day. Everyone told me he was no good for me.

“What good is a drape for you?” My father had yelled at me.

Except he didn’t know I was one of those drapes he hated so much. Now here we rode on his baby blue 1956 Chrysler. I wiggled myself closer to him as he put one arm around me. The other on the steering wheel. I leaned my head on his shoulder as he smiled to himself. It was nightfall, and we were headed for our special place. The big tree near my house. The one we had sat underneath only tow autumns ago. When the golden brown leaves fell down to the chilly, green, grass underneath.

The road was silent. When I looked ahead to find a black car speed on straight for us.
I yelled at Jaime,

“Look out!” at that same instant he had both hands on the steering wheel turning for the left.
The tires screeched, as they were forced to turn rapidly. The car slammed against a tree. The windows burst to a million, little pieces. I felt a sharp pain on my left side, and instantly covered it with my, now frigid, hands. I looked outside as the black Chrysler drove away as I slowly fainted.

I heard someone call out my name. I wanted to open my eyes, but it was so hard to.

“Taylor! Please stick with me baby. Don’t leave me; I can’t live with out you!”

I finally forced my eyes to open and I saw his battered face staring in horror at me. I spoke to him as loud as I could, lifting my bloodied hand to his cheek. Letting my hand stroke his cold cheek one last time.

“Please, just hold me. Just for a little while.”

I closed my eyes and I felt his soft, cold lips pressed, so gently, against mine. I smiled to myself as I held on to our last kiss. But I couldn’t hold on for long, and the darkness pulled me down with it. He was kneeled on the floor holding my head on his arms, just like we he had playfully done, two autumns ago.

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JessiLove14 said...
Mar. 11, 2011 at 9:17 pm
This is really amazing. It opened my eyes really big when they hit the tree :) you're really good
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