The Princess In The Tower

March 3, 2011
Have you ever heard of the Princess in the Tower? She’s a beautiful young lady trapped by the powers of evil.

On a very calm afternoon in May Princess Viviana was born. That day an eerie fog rolled in and swept her away. They took her to the Tower of Lavish, which is a horrid place filled with absolutely nothing. She has been locked in that same tower for seventeen years, and to this day she has been waiting for prince charming to come in and save her. The evil says she has till her eighteenth birthday to find her love, but it seems he never shows.

Princess Viviana is very lovely, with her flowing red hair and her dazzling Rosie red cheeks. She wears the one extravagant dress that is dressed up in silk and lace. She is a very dainty young woman, who has never been a part of the outside world. Although she patiently sits around waiting for her one true love, she never gives up. Princess Viviana has faith that one day he will show.

In the quaint town of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania there is a ravishing young Prince named Dustin Fielders, he’s a very astonishing and charming young man, who has been searching for a princess to call his own. His father Jason Fielders the first sent him on a journey to the Tower of Lavish. Prince Dustin gathered his belongings and departed for his journey, for the Tower of Lavish.
When he arrived the evil told him to stay away from the Princess. He just didn’t listen. He thought she was very beautiful. He had to save her. For many, many hours he shouted her name, but she just wouldn’t gaze out the tower window. He just wouldn’t give up he kept on shouting. Eventually she glimpsed out of the window and yelled “Prince Charming are you here to rescue me,” he replied, “Yes, my dear princess my name is Prince Dustin and I’m here to save you.”

Dustin fought the evil up the towers twisting stairs and when he saw the princesses face he bowed on one knee and pronounced, “Will you marry me!” She was so elated that she became speechless. She finally found the guts to say yes!

When they returned to Dustin’s home he announced their engagement! The mother took Princess Viviana immediately to find a dress. But his father just glanced with a smile.

Their wedding had been set for the very next day, the mother and Princess found the perfect dress it was covered in tan ruffles with a turquoise blue ribbon. When she walked down that isle, Prince Dustin started to tear up because she was so beautiful in her wedding dress. He loved her with all his heart. As she reached the front they claimed their “I Do’s,” they became Mr. and Mrs. Dustin Fielders!

Years later they had two lovely children named Rosa and Teresa Fielders. I guess you could say the Princess found her Prince Charming after all. Their love blossomed more every day; she never gave up and found her true love!

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