How I've Lived Without You All This Time I'll Never Know

March 3, 2011
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I sat in my car fuming mad. I couldn't believe he said that. How dare he! I smacked my hand on the steering wheel. A car pulled in behind me. It was him. I had been waiting for this opportunity. I got out and slammed my car door shut. He was leaning up against the hood of his sedan. "Look before you start..." "Shut up!" I interrupted. "It's my turn to talk. I don't understand why you have to be such a jerk. How could you treat him like that?" I paused but was not looking for an answer. He flipped his bieber-like hair out if his face. He mad me mad and attracted to him all at the same time. "You make me so mad! I can't believe you did that!" At this point I was in his face. "Char," he started. "Stop, just don't talk to me!" Before i could get any more words out he was kissing me. At first I tried to push him away but then I gave in to the softness of his touch. My whole body relaxed. I had never met anyone in my life who made me feel the way he did. He pulled away. "I love you." He smiled. I was too stunned for words. Suddenly I forgot why I was mad. It all seemed so trivial now. It was no longer important. He looked away from me. This time I was the one to kiss him. My arms wrapped around his neck, his arms rested around my waist. After a minute we parted from our passionate embrace. For the first time in my life I realized that after all this time, I truly loved him too. "I love you too." A smile stretched across his face.

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