Unexpected: Chapter Three

February 26, 2011
I returned to my hotel room and unlocked the door with my room card.

“Hello?” I shouted, but no one responded. I then glanced around the room but no one was there so I called my parents’ room. No answer. I assumed they had gone off to do their own thing but wanted to find them anyways. I left my room and took the elevator up to the twelfth floor where the snack bar was located. I went in and conveniently found my brother plopped on a couch in front of one of the room’s TV’s holding a napkin piled high with chocolate chip cookies.

“Where is everyone?” I asked Blaise.

“I don’t know, by the pool or something,” he replied with his mouth full of cookies.

“Wow, you’re a great help. Thanks,” I said sarcastically. I then grabbed an apple from the snack bar and returned to my hotel room where I would freshen up for Codey. When I got back, my sister was there.

“Julia! Guess what?” I exclaimed.

“What?” she responded, only half interested.

“I met Codey Sky at the pool, and, well he accidentally knocked me over on the beach and broke my sunglasses so we went to the gift shop where he bought me a new pair and then we had lunch on the pool deck and when I was leaving he asked me to hang out later,” I erupted in the world’s biggest run-on sentence.

“Are you serious?” Julia questioned.

“Am I serious? Of course I’m serious! “

“That’s pretty awesome. Well, have fun with that.” She said nothing more. It appeared that no one was as obsessed with Codey Sky as I was and yet I made him believe that I wasn’t interested in his whole celebrity status.

I dug through the large pile of clothes in my suitcase in search of my bag chalk-full of make-up. I found it at the bottom, and brought it into the bathroom. First I applied a small amount of foundation and then lightly brushed on some bronzer that was a shade darker than my actual skin color. Next, I applied a thin line of eyeliner on only my top eyelid but couldn’t find my mascara to finish off the look.

“Julia…” I started. “Can I pretty please borrow your mascara? I can’t find mine and I need to look good for Codey!”

“Sure, whatever. It’s in the side pocket of my tote bag,” she replied.

“Great, thanks!” I squealed in an over-enthused tone. It was just mascara.

The final step to prepping for Codey was re-straightening my hair. My straight hair had re-inflated and something had to be done about it. It took just a minute and I was ready to go.

“What time is it?” I asked Julia.

“Five o’clock.” Great. I thought to myself. Codey never specified what time we were going to meet.

“Are we going to dinner tonight, Julia?”

“I think so,” she answered. Double great. Now I wouldn’t know what time to meet Codey and we’d probably be at dinner while he was waiting for me. I changed my plan and decided to put on a bathing suit and go “swim” in the pool. I figured that he would see me on his way to Dolphin Cove and it would appear as though I was not waiting for him to show or had forgotten about our plans to meet up. I then changed out of my clothes and put on a new black bikini that I had ordered a month ago online. I then put on a cover-up, grabbed a towel and headed to the pool.

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