Red Ribbons

February 27, 2011
The waves roll in. We're sitting in the sand, not caring if we get wet or sandy. You nudge me and I almost fall over. I punch your shoulder and then rap my arms around your lanky frame, enjoying the moment. We watch the sea toss and turns, it tugs at our toes, as if it was trying to pull us in. You hold on to me, a clear warning to the ocean, I'm not going anywhere without you. Gulls circle above us, looking for snacks, but you say their there because they want to see the beautiful girl your with. I laugh and tell you that they just want food and they'll eat your nose if we don't feed them. We get up and walk over to the one food stand for miles. You pay for an order of nachos without cheese and , once we get them, we take turns throwing them in the air and watching the birds catch them. When there's only one left you grab my hand and hold it up in the air. A seagull comes swooping down and snatched it right out of our fingers. I yelp, surprised, and fall in the sand on my butt. You laugh and help me up, I'm embarrassed and throw a seashell at you. We walk along the beach for a long time, collecting sea glass and racing each other along the water's edge. When we're tired we just plop own of the sand, our feet in the water and our hands entwined. We lay there for a long time, not speaking, watching the sunset while we lose ourselves in our thoughts. I turn my head to look at you, your brown hair had fallen over your green eyes and you were smiling up to the sky. I asked you why you were smiling, you say because your with me. I wiggle closer to you, wanting nothing more than to be near you. You turn over and blow sand out of my hair, I laugh and jump up, offering my hand. You take it and we start walking back. Halfway there the wind untied my ribbon from my hair and tosses it into the sea. It's blood red, easy to spot among the waves. You noticed and start walking to the ocean, I tell you not to worry about it. You don't listen to me and run into the water. The ribbon keeps drifting farther and farther away, I tell you to come back. You ignore me and, just as you reach out to grab it, you go under. I think you're just messing around so I wait for a minute or two before getting worried. I yell your name and then I start screaming. You don't come up and I sprint into the water after you. I walk carefully, stretching out my foot before taking each step. I get to where you disappeared and feel that there’s a drop-off. I scream your name and keep searching. Not knowing what else to do I run back and tell the first person I see to call 911. They found your body the next day. You drown when your foot got tangled in seaweed. I cried for months, I loved you so much. I convinced myself you were never really there, just a mirage created by the sea, the same thing that took you away from me. I miss you so much, I loved you so much. Yesterday I visited your grave and I cried again, I said I love you and all the other things I wished I had told you before you ran into the sea. I left you a flower, a white rose with a scarlet ribbon.

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lovemesplendid said...
Mar. 4, 2011 at 6:40 pm
Any comments would be appreciated, I need some constructive criticism
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