The Sensible Side of Me

March 1, 2011
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“Sam! Wait!” I had heard his desperate cry echo as I spun on my heel, turning away from the image that was already burned into my head. Tyler, the boy who I thought would never betray me. Tyler, the one who had kissed me with such passion and who had whispered that he loved me more times than I could count. Tyler, the one who had beat up a kid at school because he had called me fat. Tyler, the one who had told me that I was the only one, kissing Emily Jane, cheer squad captain.
My heart felt like it had been ripped out of its chest when I spun. It was sitting at the bottom of the fountain, our meeting place for our 1 year anaversary date. I let the tears spill down my face and let the sobs that had strangled my body loose, collapsing onto my front porch step. Tyler, the boy who I thought was the one for me, the one who was mine, had cheated on me.
I felt my phone vibrate, and when I looked at the number my gut wrenched. It was him. I wanted to hear his voice, the one that sounded like velvet and had that tone that said, “Everything’s gonna be okay”. So I answered with the only question that rang over and over again in my head.
“Why?” I whispered, only audible enough for him to hear. My throat was sore, and my breathing was still uneven and heavy.
“Sam, listen to me,” I heard him beg. His voice sounded beautiful. I wanted to tell him to say more, to talk to me until 4 in the morning like he always does. I wanted to tell him to come over and hold me close and tell me that he loved me. I wanted to tell him that I forgive him and that I would never love anyone like I loved Tyler. But I didn’t.
Instead, I hit the ‘end’ button.

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