forbidden love

February 26, 2011
By courtneycolaizy BRONZE, Cottage Grove, Minnesota
courtneycolaizy BRONZE, Cottage Grove, Minnesota
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"can miles truly separate us? if I'm in your heart aren't i already there?"

this story is about a guy named Mat and a girl named Kayla. they fall in love even though their families hate each other. Chapter 1: our story This story starts high in the Ural mountains where a young boy mat lives. He earns money for his family by mining for iron. All his life they barely lived pay check to pay check. He never had it easy, and it was about to get so much harder.
Then there was a young beautiful girl that lived in the central Siberian plateau. Her name was Kayla, and she had always had an easy life. Her dad owned a diamond mine. They knew of each other but only from stories their families told from long ago. The families have never gotten along. Ever since the queen tried to marry one of the mountain boys, and it turned out for the worst.
As the two children grew older they wondered about the other family. They wanted to know what the big deal was. Once they both turned sixteen they were able to go to the balk hash lake, where the less fortunate families got their water from. And where the rich one’s went for a swim. It was one Saturday afternoon where they locked eyes for the very first time.
Kayla was soaking her feet in the cool water when this young boy walked up with a huge water bucket to bring back to his family. She knew from the very first second it was him. She didn’t want to scare him by being straight forward. But she was not letting up the chance to finally meet him.
He was kneeling in the water filling up the bucket. Watching to make sure he didn’t put to much in. when she silently whispered hi to the boy. He was very confused, didn’t know who she was. And didn’t understand why such a rich beautiful girl would want anything to do with him. At that instant they locked eyes, and they knew right then that it was meant to be.
They both stood up slowly and reached for each other’s hands. It was getting dark and she had to get back home before her father came looking for her. So the bid good-bye’s and kissed for the very first time. As she arrived home she was jumping in anticipation of the next time they’d be able to meet. The maid of the house hold knew something was up. But didn’t exactly know what. So she brushed it off.
Now both families had relatives that lived in the area. Both side’s owned their own rivers. Kayla’s family owned the Yenisey river, and mat’s family owned the Ob river. The relatives that live on the rivers do not have a problem with the other family. They think the feud is stupid, which is why they left in the first place. So they could live in peace together.
Kayla and Mat met one day in the middle of the two rivers and told their families to meet them there. They couldn’t tell their parents about their love for each other. To them it would be wrong and forbidden. They couldn’t handle the rejection of their new found love. They wanted each other forever.
The asked their family to marry them, they agreed on one condition. They had to invite the parents to the wedding. The wedding was going to take place in the west Siberian plateau, in the middle of a forest. When they told their parents that there was something they had to do on the 5th of August, they were confused but agreed without question.
The day of the wedding they were both very nervous. They didn’t know how anything was going to turn out. But they were hoping that it would turn out okay and not cause a huge fight between the two families. When the parents arrived the realized it was a wedding. But little did they know that it was their own daughters wedding. But when the crowd rose and they saw her walking down the aisle they were shocked.
To the children’s surprise they were okay with it. They had been waiting for a family member to break the fight for a very long time and they were so proud of young Kayla and Mat for being the ones to do it. Later in their lives they had children and were very happy together. Everything turned out just right. And who would have known that you could meet the love of your life on a normal day at the lake.
The End
By: Courtney Colaizy and Kaylie Rud

The author's comments:
i had to write it for geography. that's why it talks about mountains and lakes and stuff. hope you enjoy (:

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