Waiting... A Sequel to Just… Please?

February 23, 2011
By WaWa29 SILVER, Holmdel, New Jersey
WaWa29 SILVER, Holmdel, New Jersey
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My treasured cell phone sits on my desk, silent as ever, as I write this. It’s been two weeks, three days, one hour, and thirty-nine minutes and counting; still no call. From whom? Well, it’s not that important… Just the one guy I had ever given second glance at.

I called him on Tuesday, February 8, 2011 at 4:28 pm. Yes, I documented that moment, hoping it would have led into something bigger. The few days that followed that historic moment (or so I thought) passed by like molasses dripping from a bottle. I waited anxiously for that one call, bringing my phone everywhere: the bathroom, to meals, into class… It accompanied me to the ballet studio, to clarinet lessons, into the Band room… Basically, everywhere I went, it tagged along, just so that if that awaited call finally came, I would not miss those precious minutes it rang and vibrated. So then how come it never came?

When I had nervously called him on Tuesday, February 8, 2011 at 4:28 pm, he didn’t pick up. Disappointed, I had left him a barely understandable hurried message. Was this why he never called back? Because he couldn’t understand who it was or why I was calling? What if he has a busy schedule and didn’t have the time to call back? What if he, like me, was just simply too nervous to call? Should I give him a chance and keep waiting?

Desperate and worried, I turned to my friend. She herself was in a serious relationship and didn’t understand my doubts and fears. My conversation with her, at that time, had seemed pointless and had confirmed my worst fear:

Guitargirl130: Hey. Did you get the call yet? How’s it going with him?

Balletwawa: No…

Guitargirl130: Ok… 1) Don’t panic.

Balletwawa: But… I can’t! I’m never gonna see him again!

Guitargirl130: Just hear me out. 2) If a guy doesn’t call you back after a month
of rehearsals together and he still doesn’t notice you, he doesn’t deserve

Balletwawa: Easy for you to say…

Guitargirl130: Now, to stop liking him, just try to think of all of his faults! Not
calling you back is a starter…

Balletwawa: …

My other friend agreed. I grudgingly tried to stop liking him, but the more I blocked him from my thoughts, the more he appeared. Discouraged, I threw myself into the world of ballet and clarinet where he was not present. Then disaster struck- my school’s symphonic band had decided to play the piece, Toccata for Band. That piece had also been played with him during the short duration of All Shore. How can I block him now?

It’s been two weeks, three days, two hours, and five minutes. Still, I am waiting for his call. Can a girl keep waiting for that long without loosing hope? Apparently so.

The author's comments:
This is a sequel to my recently published piece, Just... Please? I hope you enjoy it as much! Please leave comments and feedback! Thanks!

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