Untitiled Love

February 7, 2011
By panda22 BRONZE, Santa Ana, California
panda22 BRONZE, Santa Ana, California
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Do you remember those times when you and i we used to walk, we used to talk, we used to laugh, we used to cry together? and we hoped that it would last forever I'm sorry that i made you believe in me that you could love someone like me. I'm sorry that i couldn't be who you wanted me to be, i guess that's the way you chose to live life and it was without me. Ever since you were left my side i felt like as if could have died and I'm not as strong as i felt since you were by my side, Do you remember when i used to hold you tight? We'd walk in the cold ice night holding your hand hoping the night would never come to an end. I sit here and reminiscing flashing into the light seeing you run by my side. Where have you gone i scream to the heavens above as tears roll down my eyes. i call your phone and wait for your answering machine to pick up just to here your voice because it helps me not feel so alone. Now if we ever meet again i wish to tell you everything i felt for you and wish i could see you and i alone but u guess this wont last forever it'll just last in the moment. As i come back to reality my breathing is heavy my cheeks are moist i think its sweat but my eyes are watery, my breathing resides to normal. i get up wipe my eyes and stretch and exit through the door as i leave a note falls from my pocket as i close the door the note is inscribed I will always miss you my beautiful love.

The author's comments:
i guess this is my first crack at writing romance yeah and i think its not great but hey it was a first

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