Lovers' Suicide

February 10, 2011
Kimberly, a 15-year-old girl in her first year of high school, has been having problems every which way. Her mom doesn’t understand her. Her sisters treat her like an outcast. And she is beginning to fail most of her classes.

Kimberly is not the most beautiful of girls, but she has looks. She has dark brown wavy hair with light brown eyes. She is kind of athletic, but is also clumsy and very shy. She is like just another face in the crowd.
Her mom, Brenda Foster, is never home, but when she is, she and Kimberly do nothing but argue. Always busy, no one ever pays attention to the lonely Kimberly. Even hen she is screaming and crying, she is waved of as nothing more than a nuisance.
“Why can’t you just pay attention to me for once?” screamed Kimberly.
“You are useless! I don’t even want you here! That’s why!" cried back her mother. “Just get out of my face.”
“Fine!” And with that Kimberly grabbed her backpack and stormed out of her house.
Walking to school, Kim played the fight over in her mind again and again.
‘It was the same thing almost everyday, mom comes home early in the morning, yells at me about how I just take up space, tells me to get out and I leave.’
Three blocks from school she meets up with her two friends Jocelynne and Daimon. The three walk to school and chat about everything they had to do for class. Just as the trio enter the halls the bell for first period rings. Daimon said goodbye as he left for his class. Jocelynne and Kim had the same first period so they walked together into English.
After 45 minutes of nothing but lecture, it was time for second period, science. Kimberly dreaded this class because she was no good at it, and she hated biology with Mrs. Thurston.
Kim hadn’t really paid attention to Mrs. Thurston. Never one to not be doing anything, Kim started to doodle in her notebook.
When third period had started, Kim thought it would be the same as always. Mr. Harris teaching the same boring material, not caring whether we learned or not. Instead, Kim was surprised with a new student waiting by Mr. Harris’s desk. He was tall and muscular with jet-black hair and a military crew cut. He looked to be a junior, maybe 17.
The bell rang and everyone took their seats, except of course for the new boy. As Mr. Harris walked through the door to his desk, everyone in the room fell silent.
“Attention everyone. This is David; he is a new transfer from Detroit. He is a junior, however he is taking this class because he failed it before.” Explained Mr. Harris. “Why don’t you take that empty seat next to miss Kimberly. Kim raise your hand so David knows where to sit.”
Kim held her hand up slightly to guide the new boy to his seat. Grabbing his papers from the teacher’s desk, David walked slowly to his seat. The first things Kim noticed were the scars on his arms. As he moved to sit next to her, her eyes traveled up and down his body, studying his clothes, movements, expression, the look in his eyes, and the tattoos peaking out from his sleeves and on his neck.
‘Jordans, Black jeans, Pistons sweatshirt, muscles, tattoos, scars, crew cut, dark brown eyes. God he looks good!’
“Hey, what is Mr. Harris teaching us right now?” The deep and kind of raspy voice of David snapped her back to reality.
“Huh? Oh we’re just learning about tangents.” Replied a very flustered Kim.
“Thanks.” That was all David had to say to her. She had already fallen for him. He made her forget about the problems with her mom for now.
The rest of the day zoomed by. Kimberly passed from class to class in a daze. Lunch was like a dream; she hadn’t even noticed that her friends were talking from lunch through their last three periods, or even when they walked home. When the three parted, almost as if on cue she lazily said bye and kept walking.
Kim felt like that all the way home. She was in a wonderland, the only thing that could ruin it was…
“Kim!” Cried Jennifer, her youngest sister. She was only 8-years-old and had an annoyingly shill voice for her age. She had auburn hair that was semi-curly, hazel brown eyes and a very small body. “Katie stole my dolls again!”
‘Dang. And I was having such a nice day too.
“Cant you two go a single day without fighting or stealing each others stuff!” yelled Kim, becoming more and more infuriated. “Katie, get over here!”
Katie, the middle child who looked much like her younger sister, came bounding down the stairs of the two-story house followed by Jennifer. “What is it now?”
“Don’t take that tone with me. When mom’s gone I'm in charge, now give back Jennifer’s dolls.” commanded Kim.
“You’re not the boss of me.” Replied Katie snidely.
“I'm the oldest now give back the toys. Now!”
“Fine.” Grumbled Katie.
After that Kim’s day was ruined. She made them lunch then dinner and went straight to her room.
The next few days were the same as always, until third period of course. Kim had started to get to know David, and he was asking her for help with the work, which Kim thought was way too easy. More and more she started to love him.
After a few months passed it was nearing spring and Kim and David were “friends” as far as he was concerned. Finally Kimberly worked up the nerve to tell David how she felt. She asked him to take a walk with her one day after school.
“So what did you want to tell me?” asked the familiar voice of David.
“Well, I-I-I umm really-“stammered Kim.
“What is it? Spit it out.” Said David.
“Okay.” Kim took a deep breath, closed her eyes and said, “I really like you, and I have since the first time I met you.”
Surprised by her announcement, all he could manage to whisper was, “Oh.”
“Do you like me back?” Kim asked with hope beyond hope.
“Well the thing is,” started David, “ you’re really cool and everything, but I'm still two grades higher and two years older than you.”
“Oh, okay then. Well I’ve got to go now.” Said a devastated and heart broken Kimberly. Without looking back at him or stopping when he called to her, Kim ran all the way home, crying. No one was home yet, so Kim had all the privacy she needed. Eyes glowing red and puffy, she took some paper and a pen and wrote to her family and friends.
Dear Mom, Jocelynne + Daimon, little sisters, and especially David, 03/05/2010
Mom, I'm sorry I wasn’t your perfect daughter. I'm sorry for all the fights we had and for never saying I Love You enough to you. I'm sorry for everything and I love you with all my heart.
Jennifer and Katie. You are the best sisters I could have asked for. I'm sorry for all the fights over stupid things. I bet you wont understand why I did this, but make sure you care for mom. Both of you need to know that I love you so much. And for when you love some lucky boy, tell them how you feel early and make sure they know age doesn’t matter.
Daimon and Jocelynne. I know you think this is dumb but I need you to look after Jenny and Katie. Yes this is because of him but don’t blame him. You two are awesome and were like a brother and sister to me. Please, I know you two like each other, just get together and love each other as much as possible. I love you both so much.
And finally David. Please Don’t blame yourself for this. It’s not your fault it’s mine. Just know that I will always love you. Age is just a number and shouldn’t matter with love. I should have never held in my feelings for you this long. I hope that whoever you end up with cherishes you and loves you as much as I have.
Goodbye to you all. Goodbye world, all my friends and teachers. To all my family and friends, ill see you on the other side. I love you all to death.
Goodbye, with all the love of my frail, broken heart,
Kimberly Janice Foster
P.s. Too bad loving was the death of me.
The letter was stained with tears as she wrote it. Each word filled with love, pain, and emptiness.
Bringing herself up the stairs to her mother’s room, Kimberly opens the door. Dragging herself to the bathroom, she flips on the light. With the note still in hand, Kimberly looks in the medicine cabinet for what she quickly finds.
Warning: Do not take more than 1 a day. Doing so may prove to be fatal.
Bringing the bottle out with her, Kimberly walks to her mom’s bed. Popping off the lid, all the people Kim knows flew through her head and stopped on David. Laying the note down on the nightstand, Kim’s eyes welled over with tears again. Dumping half the pills into her hand, she takes half of them in one mouthful and puts the rest and the bottle on the stand next to her letter.
The overdose of pills immediately makes her tired. Lying back on the queen-sized bed, she cries herself silently to sleep. The darkness consumes her as she drifts into death’s cold embrace, sleeping and never able to wake up.
Hours pass and Brenda, Jennifer, and Katie get home around 7 p.m. from a day of shopping. Walking to her room, Brenda seems Kim sleeping on her bed. Yelling at Kim to get up, she is astonished by no response. Trying to shake Kim awake, she noticed the sleeping pills on her nightstand. Brenda checks for a pulse and finds none.
“Katie g et up here! Jennifer go to your room!” cried the distressed mom.
The girls went upstairs and did what they were told.
“Lock the door Katie.” Said Brenda frantically. “Okay, now call 9-1-1! Tell them we need an ambulance at 6712 Lantern Lane immediately!”
Doing exactly as she was told, the now scared 10-year-old said what her mom told her word for word. Minutes of agonizing slowness pass like hours before they hear sirens down the street.
“Go wait outside so they see you and bring the men in.” said Brenda, continuing CPR on her deceased daughter.
Moments pass, then EMTs walk in to the room.
“Please! Save my baby!” pleaded Brenda, abandoning her futile attempts.
The paramedics tried for 20 minutes but they finally called Time of Death. Devastated by what she just heard, Brenda collapsed into a heap of emotions. The paramedics left and Brenda crawled to her daughter. On her knees, she leans and kisses Kimberly on the forehead and prays for her. Finally seeing the note near the pills, she reads it over and becomes overwhelmed with another fit of crying. Hearing their hurt mother breakdown, Jennifer and Katie go to her side and comfort her. She reads them the part Kim wrote for them and all the girls cried over their dead loved one.
Calling over Daimon, jocelynne, and even David to their house to say their goodbyes. All three get to read over the note she wrote them. It had become too much for David, who ran out of the house to his car. Driving as fast as he could away from the horrid scene burned into his mind, home to where he writes a note saying:

I'm sorry for everything that’s happened. I cant live without her. I love you all. Age IS just a number and shouldn’t matter with love, now I realize I love her, I Love Kimberly Janice Foster. She, the one woman he ever loved, is dead because of me and I can’t live on. Goodbye.
- David Shane Jordan
With that David hung himself from the second story railing.
That Day Two Teens Died From Loving Each other and Ended In Suicide Because Of Each Other.

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LovelyMiss This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Feb. 20, 2011 at 1:03 am
Awee! Did they both have to die!:( I liked it, it was like romeo and Juliet except in a different way! I do think I could of made it longer it was sort of rushed in some parts! But other than that I really likkkeedd ittt:D
Heartless_Phantasm replied...
Feb. 20, 2011 at 5:15 pm

Thanks for that. It came out longer on paper so i didn't realize how rushed it seemed.

It seems wrong but they did, she died because of heartbreak, then he died because he couldn't have the one he loved.

Thank you for the Comment and rate. ;)

LovelyMiss This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. replied...
Feb. 20, 2011 at 5:29 pm
Ahh just read my comment typo I meant to say I did think YOU could of made it longer and ur welcome:)
Heartless_Phantasm replied...
Feb. 20, 2011 at 5:32 pm
i probably could have but squeeze on time. But thank you again fir the critique
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