The Perfect Couple

February 9, 2011
By Anonymous

Lily and Sam were the perfect couple. Lily was captain of the cheerleading team and had many friends. Sam was the head football player in the football team and was the star guy. They were so happy together and had been dating for a year already. They were in high school and it was their senior year. The two of them knew how to make the relationship work and last. Everyone knew about them and wished they had what Lily and Sam had. They were in love.

Taylor was Lily’s best friend and had been since they were two. They did everything together and were inseparable. Taylor never had a boyfriend, but dated a lot. Most of the time it would be Lily, Sam, and Taylor hanging out together. Taylor was like the third wheel, but she didn’t mind. Sam was like a brother- in-law to Taylor. The three of them always had a blast together. They were always there for each other no matter what. Sam and Lily were always trying to fix Taylor up on dates. She never stayed with just one guy, because for some reason she never liked any of them all that much, until one morning something surprising happened.

On one random morning, Taylor woke up and felt feelings for this one guy. She had no idea why it was this guy and she was so confused. As the day went on, the feelings got stronger. She knew she couldn’t tell Lily about this because she thought that she would get mad. She couldn’t tell anyone, she was on her own with this one and she knew it. Taylor didn’t know what to do because she didn’t want anyone to get hurt, but she knew what she had to do.

Taylor saw him in the hall way and tried to flirt with him because she knew no one was around. He didn’t get the message. He just ignored it and went to class. She was so embarrassed, she thought to herself “Is this going to work? Should I even try?.” Taylor tried to stop liking him, but she just couldn’t. He was all she thought about all day long. As weeks went by, she realized she was in love with him and she needed to tell someone soon.

She decided to tell her counselor at school. When she told Mrs. Nelson, she was so shocked and she even thought Taylor was wrong for it. Taylor was in love with Sam. Taylor now couldn’t trust anyone. She felt so lonely and her parents didn’t even understand her. She just went one liking him for months, and one day just blurted it out. They three of them were at lunch one day and Lily and Sam were talking and having a fun time. They asked Taylor what was wrong and that’s when she popped. She told them everything and started to cry. Taylor felt horrible, but she had to get it off her chest. Lily and Sam started to feel awkward and both of them left the restaurant together.

Lily and Sam didn’t talk to each other all weekend. Monday when they went to school, none of them acknowledged each other in the halls, or at lunch. Finally Friday came around and they still hadn’t said a word. They all winded up going to the same party that night and Sam really wanted to talk to Taylor. The two of them went in a different room by themselves and
talked for a very long time. Sam winded up admitting to Taylor that he was in love with her. Lily and Sam’s relationship turned out to be a huge lie. All Sam had to do was tell Lily what he was really feeling.

Taylor was shocked! She was so happy, but so confused at the same time. She didn’t want to hurt her best friends at all, but she was so in love with Sam that she didn’t know what to do. She slept on it that night and decided that she was going to keep being in love with Sam. Her love was too strong to throw it away. Sam and Taylor were going to tell Lily the next day at Brunch.

Right when they walked in the restaurant, Lily knew something was up. She could feel it in the air. Rather than dragging the meal on, they both blurted it out to her. They were shaking they were so nervous. To their surprise, Lily’s expression didn’t change at all. Lily actually looked relived. All of the sudden Lily said to Sam and Taylor, “I would be mad, but I’m not because I’ve fallen in love with someone else, too. His name is Ross and he’s from out of town. I met him when I went on vacation two months ago. I hope the best for you two! I’m going to leave now because Ross came in town for my birthday.” Sam and Taylor were so happy the news went well! They were so relived and happier as ever.
Five months later the two couples were still together. They were even more perfect than before. Everyone was so happy for them. After they all got out of college, both couples winded up getting married. They had kids and their kids were best friends growing up. They always stayed close throughout the years. In the end everyone was so happy and glad about that everything happened in high school.

The author's comments:
I picked this topic randomly.

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