Princess Ann

February 9, 2011
By Anonymous

It was a bright cheery Tuesday morning; Ann woke up to the sun peaking in on her out of her apartment building in downtown Jacksonville. “Ugh, it’s Tuesday already”, Ann moaned as she kicked off the covers. Today was the day she started her job in the coffee shop she lived above. She stepped over her sleeping pug Sally, who was snoring happily on the cold floor. She made her way to her small closet, threw open the doors and selected a light pink cotton dress and a pair of light pink leggings to go under it. She glanced around her room for her white ballet flats, found one under her bed and one in Sally’s basket. “Aw no, Sally”, she complained as she saw that there were teeth marks on it. “These were my only good pair”, Ann said in despair. She slipped them on her feet and convinced herself that they didn’t look that bad. She walked to the bathroom, ran her brush threw her dark brown hair, she tied a pink ribbon around her head like a headband and tied it in a bow. “That looks cute, “she thought as she looked at herself in the mirror. She fumbled around her makeup bag and pulled out some mascara and lipstick, which she quickly applied. After she was done, she walked into the kitchen; she feed Sally who was still sleeping. She opened the refrigerator and pulled out some fresh squeezed orange juice that she made the morning before. She poured herself a glass and popped some bread in the toaster. She propped herself up on the counter and looked threw her mail. “Bill, bill, bill, advertisement, bill, wait… what’s this”? Ann wondered as she held up a big pink envelope. She checked the envelope, no return address, very strange. She opened it up, and pulled out a pink slip. On it said, “You’re invited to attend Princess Meredith’s 16th Birthday Bash”. “Princess Meredith?” she gasped, “I haven’t seen her since we were raised in the palace together, and I would think she would’ve forgotten about me by now”. She checked the date,” Oh my God,” she said, “it’s tonight at 7”. Ann wondered if she should go or not. “I guess I’ll go, it will be interesting to see Meredith after 6 years, since my mom died and I moved out of the palace to live with my aunt until my 18th birthday”.

Then suddenly her alarm clock rang, 7:45, it was time for work. Ann grabbed her cardigan and walked out the door and down stairs. “Ugh, I’m so tired”, Ann moaned as she opened her apartment door after a tiring day at work. She quickly took a shower and pulled on her mother’s ball dress. The dress was light blue strapless ball gown with rhinestones scattered everywhere. She curled her hair in loose curls and pinned some strands back with rhinestone clips. She then opened her jewelry box and pulled out a sliver heart shaped locket. The locket had a mirror in it; Ann opened the locked and stared at the mirror in her locket. “I look like a Princess, oh I wish I could be a real one.” Ann said to herself as she continued to stare at herself in her locket’s mirror. Then with a ring her alarm clock went off, “Good golly, its 6:30 already, I must be on my way!” Ann exclaimed as she grabbed her coat, ran down stairs, out the door, and into a taxi. The taxi drove her to the castle where she was escorted to the door. Ann’s eyes filled with wonder as she saw the magnificent palace that was made out of marble. It stood higher than the tree tops and it was bigger than two of the largest mansions Ann has ever seen combined.

She walked in the abundant ivory doors, in awe of the great beauty of the castle. The walls were millions of feet tall, and were painted gold, with huge white columns going up and down the room. There was a huge, glistening, diamond chandelier dead in the center of the room, gleaming off light in every which way. Gold designs were painted across the ceiling, with flawless angels and the sun that seemed brighter than the one outside. The floors were shiny and bright, you could even see your reflection in them. People in the fanciest clothes were chatting and talking while sipping punch and eating dainty appetizers. Trumpets sounded and a voice proclaimed “Now presenting the Princess herself Meredith Mia the 3rd.” Applause rumbled around the palace. Ann stood on her tip toes to see the Princess. Princess Meredith gently walked down the stairs wearing a white lace ball gown, her blonde hair piled on top of her hair and a sparkly tiara sat on her head. As she reached the last step another trumped sounded, another voice said “Now presenting Prince James”. Ann stared in amazement as the most handsome guy she had ever seen walked down the stairs. He was tall, fit, had deep blue eyes and shaggy brown hair. As he walked down the stairs, his eyes locked with hers and he smiled at her, Ann deeply blushed and turned away. “I wish I could marry a Prince,” Ann said to herself. A bell rang announcing dinner; everyone made their way to the dining room. Ann found her seat, and looked at the people around her. She didn’t recognize any of them, she had the strange feeling that she didn’t belong here. The queen stood up and gently tapped her glass, “Quiet, I have an important announcement to make, we have made a recent discovery that we actually made a switch up at birth. Ann Brooks please stand up.” Ann slowly stood up she could feel her body shaking. “Ann,” the Queen said, “You are a Princess”.

Ann started at the Queen in astonishment; she felt her legs give out; the last thing she remembered is fainting into someone’s arms. When Ann woke up she was on a coach, she sat up and saw Prince James sitting in a chair against the wall. “You took quite a spill,” Prince James said. Ann looked down at her dress, and nodded her head. “You feel alright?” Prince James asked. Ann nodded again. “Well a servant brought in some juice and a bowl of broth for you.” Prince James told Ann. Ann moved from the coach to the table and sipped the broth. After she sipped it all, she turned to James and thanked him for helping her. James nodded and walked to the door, “Do you feel well enough to dance?” Ann smiled and nodded. “Let’s dance, shall we?” James said with a bow and Ann took his hand as he led her out the room to the ball room. Ann looked up at him as he put his arm around her lower back and led her to dance. Time seemed to stop as they twirled around the room. Off in the distance Princess Meredith glared at them dancing. “How dare she dance with my man,” Meredith mumbled to herself. The night wore on in a blur of lights, music, and sweeping skirts. This was a night Ann would never forget.

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