We Drifted Apart.

February 5, 2011
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We have drifted apart, I no longer look at you the way I did before. You just faded in my mind. Sometimes I think about how we acted when we were together, that is now a fuzzy memory. I have moved on to better things then you ever will be. He makes me feel like I’m actually important to him. The way he talks to me makes me know he will be there for me. We talk more than I ever did with you. This is what I want to tell you. Let me tell you more about Alex and my new crush Danny. Me and Alex met at my house. My brother Richard and Dave Alex’s cousin came down to my house with Alex. We flirted and talk a lot. I got his number and talk more. We could not see each other because he was in high school and I was in middle school. I stopped talking to him because I felt that I was bugging him to much. He never texted me I always had to text him. We wouldn’t even talk that long, he would just stop when he wanted to. When Alex would come to my house with his cousin he would not talk to me. He would just randomly look at me every once in awhile. When I first met Alex, I knew instantly I liked him . I found out he was a freshmen and I was only an 8th grader. Not really a big age different. When he was at my house we were playing magic the gathering, Alex and I were on a team together. He said “ we are definitely not going to win.” I said “ well not with that attitude.” He laughed saying “ oh sorry Vanile, I mean we are going to win.” I smiled and said “ that’s better.” My name is Vanile if you did not catch on. Any who we ended up losing badly. By the end of the night we were hitting it off. Alex said goodbye to me and left. I ended up getting his number from one of my friends. We talked for about 3 months but sadly it ended. He never texted me, so I stopped texting him. I thought it was for the best and it was.
I never saw Alex in school until I was a freshmen and he was a sophomore. That was about 5 months after we stopped talking. When I walked in I saw him sitting on the floor, he looked up at me and just stared at me. As soon as I saw him, all the feelings came back. I decide I was going to win him back. Nothing worked with Alex. He was just way to hard to understand. He would give me looks in the hallway which made me think he liked me but truthfully that’s not what it meant. He would never stop to talk to me or anything. So I decided to give up on him, he was not worth my time. I stopped thinking about him and stopped talking about him. I moved on to Danny.
I met Danny at a home football game. I was hanging out with his best friend Ethan. Me and Danny were never really introduced, we just started talking. He just called me midget because I am really short. We hung out the entire football game, we just mostly talked. After the football game I was texting Ethan and he was talking about Danny. He was saying that Danny would of kept my hands warm, if I would of asked him nicely. I added Danny on my facebook and when I added him, he was on so we started talking. He gave me his number so I decided to start texting him. We talked for two days straight. We talked about random things like what we like and other things. I would sometimes talked to him at school but not a lot. I usually would see him at his locker before I went to math. I found out he was a junior and 17. We are only 3 years apart. That’s not really that bad. Let me tell you about our first “date” together. Me and Ethan wanted to go to the movies. It was just going to be me him and Danny but I didn’t want to be the only girl going so I invited my friend Taylor to go along.
I never told my mom that Danny was going because then she would of asked me A LOT of questions. Before I left to go the movies Ethan and Danny called me. All I heard was Danny yelling “ I love you.” As Ethan was trying to talk. I told Ethan I was leaving and would see him soon. So when we got to the movies my mom had to buy tickets for all of us. So obviously she had to meet him.
When me and Taylor walked up to them, my mom said “ and who are you?” Danny replied “ Danny Bang.” My mom said “ Nice to meet you Danny, I’m Vanile’s mom.” She already knew Ethan so there was no need to introduce him. While waiting in line for our tickets my mom start talking about phones. She asked Ethan and Danny “ What kind of phones do you boys have?” They took them out and showed my mother there phones. She started to play with them when we got to the counter to get our tickets. Danny turned and started talking to me. He said “ I was supposed to get the Droid today because its my birthday…” I said interrupting “ happy birthday.” He said finishing “ thanks but I guess that’s not how birthday’s work.” I laughed and said “ I guess not.” My mom said her goodbye’s and left. Taylor wanted to get something to eat so we decide to wait in line. Then she said “ I don’t think I want anything now.” So we just went to the movie theater. I went to sit next to Danny but Ethan sat right beside him. Danny said “ this kid is a h*m*.” When he said that I thought to myself that he wanted me to sit by him.
Half way through the movie me and Taylor had to pee. So I told the boys we were going to the bathroom. Danny said “well I can come with you girls, so you don’t get kidnapped.” I said “ No need because you would be the one to kidnap us.” He just laughed and sat back down. When me and Taylor got to the bathroom, we were talking about how Ethan sat in between me and Danny. I was really upset with Ethan for doing that to me. I was really looking forward to sitting by him. When the movie was over we all said goodbye and left. I was texting Ethan on the way home and he said “ Danny wants to know where his kiss was.” I said “ He didn’t sit by me.” Ethan said “ If he did sit by you, would you of kissed him?” I said “ Maybe.” I actually wanted to YES but I didn’t want to tell Ethan I like Danny.
After that me and Danny talked a lot more. When I see him in the hallway I would just smile at him and he would smile back. One day when I was walking to math class he was standing at his locker and he grabbed my arm and pulled me to his locker. He said “ Hello there.” I said “ Hi.” He said “ What class are you going to?” I said “ Math.” He laughed and said “ I just came from there.” I said “ Sweet but I have to get to class.” He said “ alright, see you later.” I said bye and walked to class. The entire class I only thought of him. He is the only thing I EVER think about.
When about 2 months went by me and Danny talked a lot. Ethan eventually found out I liked Danny. I made Ethan promise he would not tell Danny that I liked him. He promised he would never tell Danny anything of that sort. One day, one random day Danny texts me and says “ I know you like me, I just wanted to see how long it would take for you to tell me, after you used Ethan’s phone I added it together.”The message I sent to him on Ethan’s phone just said I love you (:, which really didn’t mean anything. Any who when I read this my heart stopped, I couldn’t pull myself together to say something back. So I decided to text Taylor and asked her what must I say. She said “ OH MY GOSH! Just ask him if he wanted you to tell him.” So I said to Danny “Did you want me to tell you?” He replied “ If you want I can just forget about it and when your ready you can tell me.” I thought to myself ‘I will never be as ready as I am now.’ I told Danny “ I like you.” He said “ I see.” I said “ Do you feel the same way?” He said “ I don’t know, I was going to ask you why you felt the way you did because you hardly know me.”

I replied “ Then I would like to get to know you.” He said “ How do you plan to do this?” I said “ by talking.” He said “ Ok.” That was our conversation for the night. After that we talked a lot more then usually. Everyday he would wake me up, no matter what day it was I would read a texts that said “ good morning.” I never got to sleep in on the weekends because he would text me at 9. I would stay up late on school nights talking to him about stupid things. The more we talked the more I would like him.
After about a month or two Danny asked me to go to his house. Unfortunately I couldn’t because my mother was a insane women and said he had to come to my house first, to meet her. Which didn’t make sense because she met him at the movies. Anyways I invited him to my house when my friend Lucy was over, so it wouldn’t be so awkward. Since Danny didn’t know where I lived, we had to go to the park to meet him. ( I live right next to the park) The whole way to the park I was freaking out. I looked at Lucy and said “ I don’t want to do this.” She said “ Your doing this.” I said “ I hate you so much for making me do this.” She said “ No you don’t, you want to do this.” I said to myself “ I don’t want this, why did I ever invited him.” I had butterflies in my stomach, It was terrible, I just wanted to run away and cry. We finally met up with him, and he looked good. He was standing the baseball field, waiting for us. He said “ I was trying to keep my mountain dew cold.” He picked up his mountain dew and started walking with us.
When we got to my house I was freezing, hoping Danny could of warmed me up. I led him to my room so we could play xbox. Danny refused to play xbox because he has a ps3 and he doesn’t play anything else. Me and Lucy tried to get him to play but he wouldn’t. So I decided to put a movie in. I put in Goods. We didn’t even really watch the movie because we just talked about stupid stuff. He said “ Well my mom is on her way, so you want to walk down there?” And you wouldn’t guess what I said “ well sure.” When we walked down stairs my mom said “ And who is this boy?” He said “ Danny Camp.” My mom said “ Did your parents live around here? I went to school with some Camps.” Danny said “ My parents lived around Washington.” My mom said “ Then I didn’t go to school with them.” I said “ Well mom were going to walk Danny to the park.” I yelled up the stairs “ Lucy, lets go.” Their it my mistake, Danny asked ME to walk with him not Lucy too. But my stupid self called her down, not getting his signal. Well we walked him down there and we said our goodbye’s and left. We texted the rest of the night.
I don’t really pick up on things that easy. I just didn’t want to I guess? Well any way’s a couple weeks go past and its Christmas. This is the month I screwed up in. Right around Christmas eve he started to weird me out. I don’t really even know how the conversation started out but it ended really weird. He said “ Send me a picture.” And by that he means he wanted a NUDE. Wow, I actually thought he was different. WRONG. My reply was “Picture’s cant capture my nakedness.” He said “ Liar.” And me being the smart one said “ They don’t but I don’t send pictures like that to anyone.” Danny finally said “ I believe that.” WOW, this is not where I thought we would be in like 2 months. Danny always surprises me with what he says. They have gotten too weird to even share with anyone, so I would rather not.
Any who, lets talk about what happen on New years eve. I went to Lucy’s house for a party she was having. Of course there was going to be alcohol. I did one shot because it was New years and I didn’t really want to continuously drink. So I told him I had a buzz because the shot I did was strong and I was starting to get a headache. He got so mad at me. He told me it was stupid that I did a shot and that he was 17 and never did one. I said “ Its New years eve, so I did ONE.” He said “ But its stupid, I don’t think your cool that you drink.” By this time I was thinking I’m drinking? One shot is now called drinking? That’s news to me. So we argued some more about it and guess who won? You guys guessed wrong, Danny won. I said “ I don’t know what you want me to say but I’m sorry.” He said “ I will think of your sins.” Like really, I didn’t even do anything bad. I cried thee entire night because he said he didn’t know if he could talk to me the same way. I was so mad and sad. I didn’t know what to do, I messed up the best thing in my life. It gets even better then this.
The next day he texted. It was a very awkward conversation. He brought up the other night. He said “ Did you cry?” I said “ Maybe.” He said “Its ok.” I said “ It was a very emotional night.” Danny asked “ What all happen?” I said “ everyone start crying, I don’t really know why.” He said “ oh, I went to my parents friends house and party with them.” When I read that I almost cried again. He was out partying after he said that stuff to me? Like come on, he definitely had to know that I was crying. Anyway, somehow I told him I would come to his house the next day.
So here is what happen at his house. We mostly just played rock band and of course I lost. His ten year old brother was hitting on me. Danny’s mom said “ Just drop it she doesn’t like younger men, she likes older men like your brother.” Supposedly my face got extremely red. Danny said “ Way to go mom, now her face is red.” That made my face get even more red. I was there for about three hours. When I left he didn’t even hug me or kiss me. I would of liked both of them. I guess he didn’t want too.
The next day at school he came to my locker like usual. But of course Ethan just had to say what everyone else was saying to me. Ethan yelled “ VANILE WHAT KIND OF UNDERWEAR ARE YOU WEARING?” Everyone at school was asking because I wear leggings and you cant see underwear lines. Danny just laughed and said “ So what kind are you wearing.” I said “ I guess you will just have to find out.” He smiled and walked me to my bus. The rest of the week he didn’t come to my locker or even text me. I was getting really mad. So finally one day he texted me and we only talk for a little while. The last message I sent to him was “ So are we done talking?” Danny didn’t respond to it, so I got my answer. We haven’t talked since that day. He always looks at my in the hallways but never says anything to me.
I’m just upset with the fact that I wasted three months on him and we didn’t even date or anything. I guess that’s just how life goes.

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Volleystar15 said...
Feb. 15, 2011 at 8:35 pm
the big paragraphs make it hard to read. if you spaced it out it would be better. but other than that it was good!
Mrsafy replied...
Feb. 16, 2011 at 8:39 pm
thank you! next time i write one i will remember that.
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