February 5, 2011
By , Germantown, MD
Surrounded by her unseen thoughts, Diana stood by her self on the little balcony overlooking the backyard. Parties never were her favorite places to be. 5 mins before the countdown to 2011-all the women are fixing makeup and moisturizing their lips. Men are looking for the loves of their lives. Despite the loud music, Diana focused back on the text message she got the night before.

Hey D,
I think that we need a break. Would that be ok with you?
We've been going out for a while. Maybe we should see other people.
We are still friends though. Right?

"Wrong, Bryan, all wrong." she said to her self.

The words burned a hole through her mind, and tears threatened to expose themselves. But she is stronger than that. As she whiped her eyes and fixed her dress, she promised her self something. "I will make it through this. I will meet someone new.. And I'll show him."
But she didn't need to show anyone anything. She had proven her courage to herself.


Sitting by the punch bowl, Sammy had a great view of the groups of people mingling, and the couples whispering promises of love to each other. He also saw a girl standing alone.

"No one should be alone on New Years."

Either he was having a good day, or had had too much caffeine. Either way, he gathered up his courage, and walked over to the pretty girl.

5... 4... 3...
"Hello." he said.
That moment, the world seemed to be in slow motion, the count down ended, the ball dropped in New York, the young peoples' eyes locked, and out on the playground-one brave little boy kissed his crush.

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