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I Remember It All...

February 6, 2011
By BarefootInTheWoods SILVER, New Salisbury, Indiana
BarefootInTheWoods SILVER, New Salisbury, Indiana
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I remember it all...

That look, the one that almost killed me. I almost asked you to stay while you were tossing clothes into your bag. I wanted too, but I knew if you stayed, this thing would destroy us. So I just watched.
Now, all alone, I regret it all...

You walked in the door, and it seemed like you already knew. Maybe you were going to say the same things to me. We couldn't live like we were. There are times when you love someone too much.

Our love was, no is, so strong. It's strong enough to rip us apart. I never thought that anything would, or could, come between us. But we came between us. We went from being a couple to being one person. We were close, too close. And... It yanked us apart.
I remember it all...

The good, like our first few years together. Ours was a friendship that became love. It was beautiful, intense, and amazing. Then came the bad. We tried and tried to hold it together. Some things just can't be fixed.

Now, I'm alone, heartbroken, and missing you. Somewhere, you are in the same shape. We love each other, yet we can't be with each other. But, if you ever need me, for anything, I'll be here, because I remember it all.

The author's comments:
Love isn't always enough.

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