Not Meant To Be

February 4, 2011
"What time is it?" I asked to random people walking by. "Excuse me, excuse me, sir? Do you have the time?"
"It's quarter to ten." He answered politely after looking at his expensive looking watch.

Just wonderful. I'm late for my date. Cody is going to kill me. I was supposed to meet him an hour ago. Now all I could do was call him and apologize.

*Ring, Ring. Ring, Ring.*
Voice mail! Of course. Maybe he just didn't pick his phone up fast enough. I'll call back. I thought to myself.
*Ring, Ring.*

"Hey." Cody sounded pretty mad, but surprisingly, he was controlling it well.
"Hey. Listen, I..." I didn't get to finish my sentences before he started yelling.
"No! You listen!" He interrupted me. "I am SO tired of you being late to our dates. This is the third time. I'm sick of it!"
"If you would just let me explain." I begged.
"We're done." He actually sounded kind of sad saying that, then, the line went dead.
"Huh." I sighed. But decided to text him, knowing he would answer... and he wouldn't be able to hang up on me.
As I typed on the keyboard of my cell phone, I read out loud what I was saying: "Cody, you need to stop and listen! You never even let me explain myself. You've been late to dates tons of times and I always listened to your explanation, I never got mad. Anyway, the reason I was late," I continued, "was because, not that you're aware of this, but today is our one year anniversary. I got you a huge, wonderful present, and now you'll never find out what it ever was. I got you a bunch of balloons. I was going to show up at the restaurant with everything ON TIME, but I got a flat tire. And, you know me - don't know how to change one. i bought this really expensive beautiful dress. Cody... tonight was the night i was going to tell you that i love you. But, whatever. Like you said, it's over." I finished.
Cody, predictably, texted back right away. "Oh my god. Meg, i'm so sorry. i totally forgot! And, you went through all that trouble, you really didn't need to. And... you... love... me! Thats amazing! I love you, too."
"No, you don't. it's just like you said, i went through all that trouble, and for what? Well, i guess nothing. You were right, it is over." This was the last time i was going to text him, no matter what else he said.
"No," he answered, "its not over/ i won't let it be over. You'll see, you'll take me back. Just wait."
Psh. I thought to myself.

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wonderlandhaley said...
Feb. 10, 2011 at 2:43 pm
ughhhhh! i hate how it does the &quot, &quot. it irritates me:
SamanthaAnneLee replied...
Feb. 28, 2011 at 1:37 pm
What are you talking about &quot, & quot? I liked it.
wonderlandhaley replied...
Mar. 4, 2011 at 2:53 pm
Ohh My goshh. Samantha!  You commented. And with the &quot,&qut-- before it replaced the " " with &quot &quot. But i sent an email to the teenink people and i guess they fixed it for me. :)
wonderlandhaley replied...
Mar. 4, 2011 at 3:12 pm
&i was going to write more parts to this one, but i dont think im into this story as much as i need to be to continue. So, i prbably wont continue:)
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