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February 7, 2011
By SimonaG. BRONZE, South Hackensack, New Jersey
SimonaG. BRONZE, South Hackensack, New Jersey
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I read about a woman down in San Francisco Bay who could read auras just by looking at someone. She said each person had a color and that each color symbolized something or another. All I could think about was what she saw when someone walked down the street. Were they highlighted with their own color? Could she match two people together? I was big on horoscopes, astrology, fortune tellers, anything that had to do with figuring out what your day would be like or your future. I hung the dream-catcher above my four-post bed and slept that night with thoughts of you on my mind.

Coyotes had whimpered outside my window that night. I left it open and threw bits of bread and cold, dry meat their way. The mother was taking care of her babies under my house. I didn’t mind. I hoped that she had someone that loved her and her babies. I lost sleep that night because of the heavy moon that hung outside. I couldn’t help but stare. Hoping that maybe you would be seeing the same thing I was. From my view, the valley that ran along the water looked like an umbilical cord attached to it’s heavy looming presence. The flowers are drying outside and all I can think about is how it hasn’t rained in days. Yet the air is humid. I’m thinking about you and the flowers you sent me yesterday. You were only a few states away from what your card said. I’m making sure that they don’t wither like everything else around here.

You visited me today and kissed me. It was such a surprise as I walked outside of my classroom and saw you standing there. Just smiling with your hands behind your back. You cupped my face and I saw your eyes glisten. You said my lips tasted like watermelons. I brewed peach tea for you once we got back to my place and we talked about everything. I wish you would stay longer. I wish you didn’t have to go back. I wish this would all be over and that I wouldn’t have to turn on the news every morning to make sure I don’t see your name blazing across the bottom of the screen.

I went to see that woman in San Francisco Bay. She had the head of Nefertti in her window and neon lights. I fingered the horse-shoe necklace and walked on. I didn’t need a color to distinguish you. I didn’t need my future read. I was afraid she would tell me things I didn’t want to hear. I was afraid that instead of enjoying every moment with you, I would be counting down, skeptic yet still believing nonetheless. I didn’t need that because I know what I have with you. It’s beyond the horoscope for Tuesday or the words of any fortune teller.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece for a creative writing class - topic was: write about a relationship without using the word love.

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