My Happy Ending

February 1, 2011
By xxdinobabexx SILVER, Exeter, New Hampshire
xxdinobabexx SILVER, Exeter, New Hampshire
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The rain drips through the leak in the ceiling. I sigh and try to focus on the board. I can’t stop thinking about him.
His name’s Ethan. He’s popular, and he’s the nerdy type. I’ve always been attracted to the smart boys. They’re adorable. Throughout junior high, I started off with some bad experiences with relationships. I’ve always fallen for the bad boys, the ones most people are too afraid to get involved with. I kept getting hurt by them, and started to doubt myself because of it. One day, I decided I’ve been hurt one too many times. For a few months, I stopped focusing on guys, and just focused on myself and my happiness. Lately, I’ve been feeling happier, and like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.
All of a sudden, I feel a flutter in my stomach. I glance up from my math test, only to see Ethan slide into the seat in front of me. He’s done already? Wow that kid is smart. I finish up the last problem and get up to pass it in. My heart skips a beat when I pass by him. He glanced up and smiled. I could already feel myself turning red. I sat back down, and he turned around in his seat.
“How do you think you did?” he asked.
I tried not to stutter. “I think I did okay, it was pretty easy.”
He smiled and a piece of his red hair fell into his eyes.

As he turned around, I tried not to laugh. Did that really just happen? I hear a piece of paper ripping. I just shrug to myself and open my book. There’s still a few minutes left, and I already finished my homework. Did I mention I’m almost as smart as Ethan? A carefully folded note is pushed onto my desk. I glance up, just in time to see Ethan turning back around.

I close my book, and look around. No one is watching, so I grab the note and hide it behind my book. I feel my heartbeat quicken. Somehow I manage to make my fingers unfold the note. I’m shocked. Carefully written on the note, was “Hey. Wanna go out with me?? ~Ethan”

I choked, and almost screamed when the bell rang. I practically sprint to the door, dropping my book. As I reach to grab it, I brush hands with someone. I look up, and standing above me was…him. He smirks and hands it to me.

“So? What’s your answer?” he asks.

I manage to smile. “Yes,” I whisper.
He sets the book in my locker, and as we’re walking down the hallway to lunch, I feel his fingers entwine with mine.

I finally got my happy ending.

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