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Tearful Hour

February 3, 2011
By Brittany.A BRONZE, Vega, Texas
Brittany.A BRONZE, Vega, Texas
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Mr. Jackson knew how much his daughter, Annie loved her fiance, Justin. He had just found out that Justin was getting deployed to Iraq in an hour. Annie was home planning the wedding with her mother, which was next month. Mr. Jackson gazed through the window and saw how happy Annie was, but any minute now she would be heartbroken and crying. As Mr. Jackson turned around, he saw Justin pulling up in the driveway with heartache and sorrow written on his face. He was here to tell Annie the dreadful news.

“Annie, I am being deployed to Iraq in an hour,” said Justin quietly. Annie started crying and shaking. She could not believe this, they were getting married in a month. How could this be happening?

After Justin left, Annie sprinted up the stairs and locked herself in her room. She did not want anyone to bother her right now. All she wanted to do was lay in bed and cry until Justin came back to her. As Annie stared out the window she noticed that the sun was shinny and warm. There were children outside laughing and playing with one another. Flowers were blooming, and a couple were walking hand and hand down the sidewalk smiling. The weather was beautiful outside, children were giggling and playing while she was heartbroken and devastated .

Annie laid down on her bed wondering what was going to happen now that Justin was on his way to Iraq. How long would he be gone? Would he still love her when he came home? These were all the thoughts running through her head. Annie was exhausted from all the crying, and she dozed off. It seemed like an hour when she woke up and heard her family downstairs. As she was walking down the stairs, she noticed that her family was hugging and kissing someone. Annie was confused and anxious. Who could that be, she thought to herself. She got closer and noticed that it was Justin. Annie dashed to Justin and leaped into his arms.

“I thought you would be on the plane by now,” Annie uttered.

“I should be, but the Marines got me mixed up with another Justin. I’m not going to Iraq after all. I get to stay home with you and get married,” Justin said happily.

Annie could not explain how happy she was that Justin was home. An hour ago she was crying her eyes out because Justin was being deployed. Now Annie had tears of joy running down her face. Justin was back in her arms again.

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on Feb. 7 2011 at 2:23 pm
artistinda_lonelily SILVER, Joliet, Illinois
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the first section of this piece reminded me of the book "Ever After". no offense, but it seems like this article was hastily written. it could use more of a plot to it and it has some grammar issues, but the descriptions and setting were good.

good job. ;)

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