Like no other

December 12, 2010
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What it like to be invisable to everyone around you. I know but do you? Chapter 1: Like no other “Class, turn to page 324 in your math book and do problems 3-24” said Mrs. Louie in a mono tone voice that would drive you insane. I stare at the clock, fingers fidgeting with my pencil. I close my eyes and listen to the cackling laughter of the other students as they converse freely with no care. “Isabella! Why haven’t you opened your book yet?” The room drowns into a silence with Mrs. Louie and the student’s eyes on me, my eyes wander looking for answer. “I-I just was getting to it” I can feel my pale face turn blood red. I hear the clatter of metal, knowing it’s the bell I let out a sigh of relief.
I’m free thank god, I chuckle a bit as I see the kids break dancing in the hall. “RUUUN! DEY COMMIN MAN” I can here the squeals of girls as two boys dash past like animals running for their prey. ”Ahh” I yelp as they blow me into the lockers, tears come into my eyes as I gape at my book scattered all over the corridor. My vision goes into a distorted haze and my hearing goes into a hushed ring…
“Will she be alright” I hear unfamiliar voice say in a rushed concern
“Minor concussion from those to young men hitting her like a bulldozer into a locker but besides that I think she will be fine.” Silence creeps into the room but it broken by a nervous titter “She’s extremely lucky you had seen her there or she might still be passed out against those lockers” explains the doctor I am guessing
“Its kind shady listening to their conversation, maybe I should pretend to wake up” I thought to myself. My eyes flutter open and blink rapidly to try to adjust to the dim lighting in the hospital room. I smile stupidly as I see their two eyes move onto me, I see the doctor smile back reassuringly but my eyes wander onto the other voice I heard. It was a guy about my age black shaggy strait hair and emerald eyes that looked at me with genuine concern. ”Hi” he said lightly………

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Brandi_Blair said...
Feb. 5, 2011 at 10:30 pm
Is there a second part? this seems like it could really go somewhere and i want to read it :]
Persolamore replied...
Mar. 19, 2011 at 1:12 pm
yes there is i just got to submit it
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