meant for each other

January 31, 2011
By dakotalynn BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
dakotalynn BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
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you write such pretty words to bad life's no story book

Were meant for each other, whether other's see it or not. In my heart I know where meant to be. I hope we can last a lifetime, prove the Disney movies right, prove my mind wrong, follow our hearts and let them meet, let them be one. Were given one half of a whole your other half will make you complete. Let's take it day by day and hope we will last a lifetime. Your love, your touch, your presence it all keeps me going. I go through everyday until I get to see you. My heart pounds, my mood changes for the better, the only thing i ever think about is being with you. I always have an overwhelming fear of losing you for what ever reason whether you find someone else to love, another to speak to, another girl to take you away to a place you thought was only in your dreams, or going away forever. We've had good times and bad, the best part of it all is your still with me and i'm still with you, together we get through it all and each day we grow and get stronger and we grow closer together and we eventually we will become one.

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