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January 31, 2011
By Ohdangitsguzy BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Ohdangitsguzy BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Jane woke up on another school day wondering if today would be the day. She looked at her calendar and thought to herself that prom was a little less than two months. She was not asked yet. She had a few close guy friends but they already asked someone else. She had no idea who would ask her, or if she would be asked at all. All of her friends told her she could tag along with them, but she felt like she would feel out of place.

She got herself ready and ran out the door to catch the school bus. She got on the bus and saw her friend, Anya, had her “eager” face on. She sat with her to see what was on her mind. She told that Peter had asked her to prom. Jane was now totally bummed she was the only one not asked yet.

She got to school before she got really annoyed with Anya bragging about her news. She walked through the halls to get to her locker, when she realized everyone walking by was looking at her. Now she knew something was up. She never really called attention to herself. But, she saw why everyone was looking at her. On Jane’s locker there was a red rose with a white envelope.

Jane had no idea who could have placed this on her locker. She opened the letter and read it.
Dear Jane,
Go to the school library; check out the book Uglies on the first shelf.

Jane took the rose off of her locker when someone tapped on her shoulder. She turned around to find her other friend, Amber, asked her about the rose. She told her what she knew and walked off. Jane was in no mood to be playing games. She hurried to the library before first period. She walked in and looked for the first shelf and found no book.

She asked the librarian if she had the book. She told her where she could find it. So she went back out to get it. Once she located it she picked it up and a piece of paper fell out.
Go to the theatre after school.
Jane now had to wait after school to see what this was all about. She rushed out of the library to get to her first class. Once she got there she would not pay attention. She would sit and think about who was leaving her these messages.


The final bell rang and Jane hurried to her locker to grab her stuff. Anya tried to stop her when she was running down the hall. Jane had no time, so she ignored her.

She arrived to the doors of the theatre and she suddenly felt nervous. But, on the other hand she wanted to see what will happen next. So she opened the doors of the theatre and walked in.

Everything was dark inside. But as soon as the door shut, a spot light came on the stage. In the spot light there was a cloth and a basket on the ground. She walked up on the stage and saw it was set up like a picnic. But, on the blanket was a folded piece of white paper. She sat down and opened it.
Will you go to prom with me?

Jane was not happy. She should have been because she was asked to prom, but she did not know who it was, until she heard footsteps.

She looked off stage and out came Declan, one of the guys she dreamed of being with, holding eleven roses. He handed them to her and told her that she was a girl who was “one-of-a-kind” and the he always wanted to be with her. She smiled and said she would love to go to prom with him. She was ecstatic that this was happening. She never thought that Declan would ever notice her, but she was wrong.

That afternoon was one of the many afternoons they spent together, and it is one Jane would never forget.

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