You Are My Rose

January 24, 2011

Blood red roses scattered the forest floor, their stems strong and penetrated with sharpened thorns, hungry for blood. Violets danced around my feet as warm wind lightly blew them towards me.
His warm violet eyes looked into my dull blue ones. My heart beat five times faster than it usually did. I could feel his sweet breath close to my face making my small knees tremble. The same wonderful smell of Mountain Dew, peppermint and cologne waved off of him leaving me dazed. His perfect lips moved in a wonderful rhythm when he whispered something I never excepted him to say. “ I love you,” he whispered. His gorgeous eyes were sincere and his smile was showing intentionally. “ And I always will.”
I let my fingertips brush the back of his pale hand. His pulse was normally pumping under my fingers. “ I love you too.” The words tasted perfect in my mouth as if they were meant to come out. I saw a wonderful emotion pass over his eyes. It was pure love.
“I’ll be your violet if you be my rose,” he murmured. I could see me, that little girl running after that little boy who teased me. That was us. Had we really been those two little kids? It was something we had said so many times as young children. His smile faltered into a more serious expression.
“ I already am your rose,” I replied. My wavy red hair fell off my shoulders as if acknowledging that. Heat flushed into my cheeks, making my cheeks rosy.
“ And you always will be. You have the prickly stubbornness of one, and the delicate beauty.”
I let more heat rush into my face. He was so loving. His cold fingers traced my trembling lips, eyes and cheeks. His breathing was coming closer to my face. His smell was so great and clean, I almost passed out. Was it possible for someone to be so perfect? It had to be, because he was standing right in front of me.
“Shhh…” he mumbled. “ Just be quiet for a second. Is that possible, Phoebe?” He flashed me a grin. I felt a little guilty remembering those past words.
Then Isaiah kissed me, and my mind went crazy.

The author's comments:
I am hoping nobody will claim this as their own, please don't, please. Haha, I'm just paranoid. Yeah I thought I'd write a story, this is only the beginning and i'' add some things that happened in my life and twist and turn it.

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You better..haha thanks Manny :)

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Very good! I love it!

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