January 23, 2011
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I made my way to the car as fast as I could. I was choking back tears and blindly thrashed around my purse for my keys. I slammed the car door and gasped for air as my sobs began to come. How could he do that to me? We'd been best friends since we were in second grade. Memories flashed before my eyes, Shawn and I used to go on road trips to the beach. We would sit just beyond the ocean where the waves would lick put feet. I would curl
Into his side where I was meant to be.

Shawn had now cheated on me then left me. Despair filled ever inch of me as I tried to get the key in the ignition through my tears. What was I going to do? At the moment I just wanted to go take a nice soothing bath and drink a latte. I started heading in the direction of the nearest coffee shop. It seemed very unsafe for me to be driving in this condition but I needed to get home quickly. Everything out my windows seemed a blur of green. A car honked at me as I hadn't noticed the light change green. Shawn and I had been a couple for three years. We had met in school when the teacher sat us together. Our feelings for each other arose one year and he was my first love. I guess he had lost those feelings as quickly as they had come. I noticed he had been distant lately but I had imagined it was a phase... I felt as if my mins was sinking into a dark hole. I couldn't make sense of the when situation. I was just very cold and wanted a nice warm latte. I pulled in front of the coffee shop, taking a second to pull my self together. I wiped the mascara from my cheeks. I reluctantly stepped put of the safety of my car. When I swung open the door I was greeted with the buzz of the store. People were bustling around making drinks and others were talking enthusiastically to one another. I stood in line with my head down. There was a tap on my shoulder so I turned surprised. There was a boy about my age with a dimpled, crooked smile. He had coal black hair and was holding put five dollars. "I believe you dropped this?" he said in a deep voice.I said a meek thank you. My mind swiveled back to thoughts of Shawn. Then my thoughts swiveled back to the boy behind me. Something about him made me forget the crushing pain of rejection. Had I met him before? I felt as if I already knew him... What was I doing? My boy friend of three years just broke up with me literally twenty minutes ago. Here I am thinking about other boys, but a rather attractive one at that... All of a sudden I had a compelling desire to go to the bathroom to wipe all the smeared makeup from my face. I wanted to fix my hair so I didn't look like such a mess. It was a good idea too because I didn't want to go home looking like this anyway. I made my way to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. It was worse then I thought. Black lines climbed down my cheeks my eyes were swollen and red. My meager attempts at wiping my face in the car hadn't dome much. After I cleaned my self up I went back to the line and stood at the end. Mr. Charming was turning after he paid, he flashed me a smile. It eventually came my turn to order and afterwards when I handed the barista my money she said, " Oh, no your order has already been taken care of." My curiosity spiked.
"I'm sorry?" I replied
"That handsome man over there paid for your coffee and told me to tell you to meet him here on Saturday at seven." I smiled inwardly, and walked to the pickup counter. On my cup was the name Tyler and a phone number. I looked to see if he was still here but he was just walking put the door.

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BrownEyedGirl said...
Jan. 26, 2011 at 10:14 pm
I love it!  Please finish it I would love to read the rest.  There better be more!
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