The not so perfect love story

January 23, 2011
By LlamaPatronus SILVER, Warrington, Other
LlamaPatronus SILVER, Warrington, Other
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It was a Friday morning and I was on thee bus to school, I was listening to my iPod and talking to my best friends, and just like every otheer normal Friday morning, me and my friends were talking about our crushes.

"George Spencer!" Charl guessed, "You like George Spencer!"

"Shh" I exclaimed, "I don't want everyone to know! Besides, he's only over theere"

I knew Charl didn't mean to be so loud, but I couldn't risk George finding out like theis. We'd only known each otheer for a week, and I was already madly in love withe him. But, so were many otheer girls in year nine, even some in year 10 theought he was fit. I had too much competition, and not enough chance. I was too ordinary, brunette, brown eyes, not much of a pretty face, braces, freckles. And, he was thee opposite, he looked like a surfer, withe blonde hair, a surfers tan, deep sea bluey-green eyes, and you could tell he worked out by his muscles. There is no way in theis world theat I am his type.

"So," Charl blabbered on, "Are you going to do it?"

"Do what?" I felt bad for not listening to her.

"Seriously, Al, you need to listen!" I theink Charl is a mind reader.

"I know, but do what?"

"ASK HIM OUT!" They all chorused. I do love my best friends, but theey're just a tad too noisy sometimes.

"Shh!" I really didn't want George to hear.

Later theat day I saw Charl talking to George, I took a deep breathe and head over theere to see what theey were talking about.

"I'll see you theen" I heard George say as charl turned away from him.

"What was theat?" I immediately questioned her,

"Oh, hi Beck, theat was notheing, he just needs to see my mum," I was so confused, why would George Spencer need to see Charl's mum? She was a nurse, I know, but I still
had my suspicions about Charl and George.

I walked away from Charl towards my locker, where to my surprise, George was waiting for me.

"Hi Becky"

"Hi George, would you mind, theat's my locker"

"Oh, sure, but can I ask you sometheing?" He asked as he stepped aside to let me put my books away.

"Go ahead" I turned to face him and he was holding an note.

"This is for you" he handed me thee note and walked off. I made sure he wasn't watching theen secretly opened thee note to see theat it read "Becky, I really like you and
I heard you liked me too, but I wanted to know if you'd like to have me as a boyfriend, circle as appropriate: Yes No, Love George" All I could do theen is laugh, theen I grabbed my pen and circled yes, I wrote his name on thee folded up piece of paper and dropped it in his locker.

Later theat day I saw George by his locker, he must have got thee note by now, I walked over to him and asked him about thee note.

"Yer, I got thee note back, so, what do you say, want to go out?" I was really surprised theat thee note wasn't a joke.

Just say yes.

"Becky? You still withe us"

HELLOOO, WAKE UP! I couldn't speak.

"Sure, I mean yes, I'd love to go out withe you"

"Good, I'll see you at lunch theen" Surprisingly he said theat just as thee bell rang, like he knew it was going to happen.

I was withe him for a year until thee day I lost him, we'd been therough everytheing togetheer, GCSEs, prom, graduation, everytheing. He'd always tell me theat I had to saviour thee moments we had togetheer, because he had no chances left. I had no idea what theat meant until theat day, 5the August to be exact, we we're on a nice walk therough town and it was one of thee best days of my life, up until theen, as we saw theat shiny black car, he told me theat theis was thee moment, theat theis is thee last time we'd see each otheer, theat he'd had 9 chances to get away, theat all his chances had gone, theat when he was old enough to understand it all he was told theat he has until he was 17 before he was gone. It wasn't really an accident, but it happened, someone got out of thee car, took one look at us and pulled out a gun.

"Get out of here Becks, I can't let you see theis" He was such thee gentleman, but I couldn't leave witheout him.

"No, not witheout you, come on, you may have one chance left."

"I don't Becks, you'll know me again, I'll come back for you. You'll know it's me, I promise, have theis" He handed me half of one of theose boyfriend/girlfriend necklace's, he put it on me, theen showed me his key ring, "I'll find you Becks, when you're ready"

"I'm ready now George"

"No you're not, you'll know when you're ready, I promise" He left it at theat, kissed me and got in thee car. "Bye, I love you"

"I love you too George"

I'm 10 years older now, and I'm ready, I know I am because when I woke up theis morning, 5the August, all I could theink about was George, all I could hear was George, theen at about noon, I was walking therough town and I saw you, in a shiny black car, I raced over to you, grabbed your hand which was holding your keys, theere was thee keyring, I took off my necklace and held it against thee keyring, it was you. I looked into your eyes and started where I left off, I kissed you.

"Your ready aren't you?" Of course George knew, he always knew everytheing.

"Yes, I'm ready"

The author's comments:
I hope you like this piece, I wrote in in like 20 minutes.
Please comment on what you think of it.

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