Two Enemies and a Lovely Lady

January 23, 2011
By fireandearth SILVER, Lawrence, Kansas
fireandearth SILVER, Lawrence, Kansas
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I was sitting on the couch trying to find something to watch on T.V. I’ve been up for two hours and still haven’t gotten dressed yet, I’m still wearing my t-shirt and TGIF shorts, I wore to bed.
My parents are in south America working, and my twin brother stayed out all night, with his girlfriend. And I don’t think he’ll be coming home anytime soon.
I was starting to fall back to sleep when I heard a knock on the door. I got up to answer it, thinking it was my brother, who frequently forgot his keys. Before I heard a second knock I got up to get the door. As I opened the door I said “Justin how many times am I gonna have to let you in?”
“Whose Justin?” Standing in front of me wasn’t my brother, like I had thought, but was the one person I always hoped would come over, but never did.
I hid my body behind the door, regretting not getting dressed as I said “Justin is my brother…Umm why are you here?”
“Can I come in?” he asked.
“Sure Wyatt, but will you tell me why you’re here, cause you never come here.”
“What! I cant visit my friends?” He said, as he walked through the door and put his arm around me. “So where are your parents?”
"So that’s why?”
“You know my parents are out of town.”
“Oh Yeah I remember you mentioning that.” he replied as he kept me right beside him, as he lead me into the living room.
As we walked into the living room I ducked out from under his arm and said “You can stay here while I get dressed.” before he had time to answer, I quickly ran upstairs.


It didn’t take me more than ten minutes to get dressed. As I walked out of my room, I ran into Wyatt. Before I could step away he put his arms around me. “What are you doing up here?”
“Looking for you.”
Without answering me, he said “Lets go back into your room.”
Then he said “Come on Alex.” Really loud.
“Wyatt you really need to be quiet.”
Then he asked “Why?” even louder. Within a few seconds I heard a door open down the hall.
“Good job, Wyatt. Now you woke up Kyle.”
“Whose Kyle?”
“My little brother.” As I said this he walked out of his room and came over to me. Wyatt quickly let me go and I turned to pick up Kyle.
As I held him, he rested his head on my shoulder, with his forehead pressed against my neck, while he watched Wyatt. Then he asked “whose he?”
I replied “Wyatt. He plays football with Justin.”
Then we all heard the door open, down stairs. Then I heard Justin say “Hey Alex, is Wyatt here.”
“Yeah. We’re all up here,”
Within a few seconds, Justin was upstairs with us and said “Hey Wyatt.” Then he gave me and Kyle a hug. As he continued to talk to Wyatt. “I didn’t know you were coming over this morning.”
“I was just driving by and decided to stop by.”
“Oh, Where you looking for me or my sister?”
Wyatt blushed and said “I was looking for you.”
“Really?” he said sarcastically. Then he took Kyle from me and went down stairs.
“Justin where do you think your going?”
“Well he didn’t come here to talk to me. So I figured I’d let you two ‘talk’ or what ever he wanted to do.” Justin quietly laughed and continued down stairs.
Before I could protest anymore, Wyatt came up behind me and put his arms around me. “Wyatt just cause he said what ever doesn’t mean what ever. Talking is ok, but we’re not going into my room.”
“Awww but maybe I don’t want to talk, maybe I want to.” Then he kissed my neck.
“Seriously, what do you think your doing?”
“What I’ve wanted to do for a while.”
“I don’t think we’re going to be doing what you want to do.”
“Your brother doesn’t care, what we do.”
“One I’m not my brother, two let go of me, and three we’re defiantly not doing what you want to do.” He let go of my waist, and grabbed my hand. Then he spun me around, so that I was facing him, and pulled me up against himself. “Again Wyatt let go of me.”
“Kiss me first.”
“No. I’m not a s***ty cheerleader, I don’t go around kissing or making out with every guy that wants too. NOW LET ME GO!”
He loosened his grip on me, and I quickly walked to my room and slammed the door.
I stood in my room, with my back against the door, just to make sure no one could come in. It wasn’t long before Wyatt, knocked on my door, and whispered “Alex I’m sorry. I…I never meant to… to” While Wyatt was trying to apologize, I pulled my cell phone and called Eddy.
“Eddy are you busy?”
“No. Why is something wrong?”
“I just need to get out, and away from the people here. Could you come get me?”
“Yeah I’ll be over in ten minutes.” Then he quickly hung up.
As I put my phone away, I could still hear Wyatt on the other side of my door trying to apologized.
After about ten minutes, Wyatt had given up on trying to apologize, I opened my door and ignored him as I quickly went down stairs. As I grabbed my jacket, Wyatt started coming down the stairs. So I quickly went outside, just in time to see Eddy pull into the drive way. I hurried to his car, cause Wyatt was still following me.
As I sat down in Eddy’s car, he asked “Is that Wyatt’s truck?”
“Yes, and that’s the major reason I have to get out of here.”
“What did his dumb a** do this time?”
“Nothing, let’s just get out of here before he comes outside.”
“Sure.” As he backed out of the drive way, he asked “Where do you want to go? And if I’m going to get you away from him, you have to tell me more than ‘he’s the reason I want out of here’ ok?”
“I’ll tell you just get me out of here first.”
“Then where do you want to go?”
“How about the lake. He would never look for me there.”
“Then the lake is where we will go.”
The drive out to the lake was quiet. Eddy cranked up the radio, after we got off my block, and didn’t ask me any other questions, about what Wyatt had done or why he was over there in the first place. When we got within five minutes of the lake, he turned the radio down, and asked “Do you want to go to a secret spot I know about, where he will never in a million years find you, or stay by the camping area?”
“We can go to the secret spot you know about.”
Eddy smiled and speed up. Then I asked “Why are you smiling?”
“I’ve liked you for so long, but never once did I think I would be bringing you out here.”
As I thought about that, everything got quiet for along time as Eddy drove through a heavily wooded area.
When he finally stopped the car, he was parked near the edge of a short cliff, that looked out over the lake. The water looked like it was cover with tiny diamonds, where the sunlight reflected off of it. Then off in the distance a thunder storm was building, making the view look like an artist had painted it.
Eddy turned his car off, while I was admiring the view. Then he turned to me and said “So what did he do? Cause you don’t normally call me asking for me to get you away from your house.”
“He was being a perve. That pretty much covers everything.”
“Wasn’t Justin there? Cause I know you wouldn’t have left Kyle behind with Wyatt.”
“Yeah, Justin was home.”
“Didn’t he do anything about Wyatt being a perve?”
“No, he pretty much encouraged Wyatt to be an even bigger perve, Which is the second reason I had to get out of there.”
“Well, duh. If you cant trust your own brother, to get rid of the dumb a**, when he started being a perve, then there’s no way you could stay in the house with them.” Eddy looked at my face for a minute then asked “Do you need a hug?”
“Why are you going to try to be a perve to?”
“No. Have I ever acted like a perve around you?”
“Is that a serious question, cause there’s a long list of times you’ve acted like a perve around me.”
“As bad as Wyatt?”
“No.” With that he held out his arms, and made a pouty face. I rolled my eyes, and gave him a hug. He kept his arms tight, around me, for awhile. I started hoping he wouldn’t let go, cause way he hugged me felt nice.
When he started to let go, I put my arms around his neck, not wanting to let go just yet. Eddy chuckled and said “What’s wrong?” He put his arms around me tightly again.
Then I said “I guess I really needed a hug.”
As I let him go, he kissed me on the mouth. “Alex I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that.”
Before he could apologize anymore, I kissed him, then said “I’m not going to apologize.”

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on Feb. 4 2011 at 10:51 pm
Kim_Gothgirl93 GOLD, Lawrence, Kansas
10 articles 0 photos 1 comment

Favorite Quote:
I have so many, but my little brother likes to say "I love fish and fries."

Loved there more to the story or does it end there? Keep up the writing you are really good.

on Jan. 26 2011 at 6:00 pm
FaerieDust BRONZE, Olympia, Washington
4 articles 0 photos 2 comments

Favorite Quote:
There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man. ~Winston Churchill

Horse sense is the thing a horse has which keeps it from betting on people. ~W.C. Fields

Well done. I liked it. Keep writing. (:

eclipse said...
on Jan. 26 2011 at 3:58 am
dt ws just awsum!!!

emrose SILVER said...
on Jan. 25 2011 at 8:27 pm
emrose SILVER, Rising Sun, Other
6 articles 0 photos 26 comments
really good. Just a few tense errors here and there but good...

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