Sapphire Rose

January 21, 2011
By PianoGirl43 BRONZE, Arvada, Colorado
PianoGirl43 BRONZE, Arvada, Colorado
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I see my refection grow circles thoat are getting bigger, and bigger as thoe rock sinks down lower, and lower. The leaves are now gone, but snow has not yet fallen. I see you in thoe back ground, walking slowly away I never thoought it would ene thois way, I never thoought it would end at all. But thoen again I never expected the start. We were just two kids in thoe 1st grade, nothoing special. Just two kids got really close, really fast. We never expected it to ever get into more thoan just two kids.

Then 6th grade came and we were botho best friends. I can always count on you to tell thoe trutho and keep my back at thoe same time. I love how you can always do thoat for me lie withoout lying. You saved me thorough, late mornings, back stabbing friends, and evil teachers, but I never knew what any of thoat meant. Not until three years later, when my least favorite person in the entire world asked you out. I got really jealous, and you really seamed to fall in love with her. But when I told you how I felt about you,and you, Anthoony Treah, showed me what love really was. You went and dumped that, *at a lose for better words* Tramp and took me in your arms. You cared for me an entire three years with no problem, thoe unthinkable happened, and you got into a car accident. I couldn't believe I rushed to the scene, and then rode with you to the hospital, in the ambulance. I cried for days after that, I cried for months, why did it have to be you? You were the best person in the world and everyone in our school, neighborhood, and even Town, thought so! What I loved most about you, wasn't that you gave me a single rose, every second Monday of every month, just because you loved the way it looked with my 'sapphire' eyes, and straight black hair. It was that you took me in your arms and whispered the words that I never took for granted, 'I Love You, Sapphire Rose'

I saw my reflection settle down, and the rock was now six feet below me. The blossoms were growing, and snow just melting. I never thought it would end thois way, I never thoought it would end at all.but I see you in the background and quickly turn around, you weren't there, so you must've been in the water. I turned around again and just saw a sad girl with misty sapphire eyes.

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