Their Love Story, 2

January 21, 2011
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Nikko-*takes Alex’s leg, pulls him to the ground, rolls over him, starts punching him in the face*
Carter-*trys pulling them apart* Hey, you two! *and she thinks: Oh jeeze…how am I going to tell Alex that I’m not in love with him like he is with me? And ugh…no, they’re fighting!* BOTH OF YOU! *continues thinking: Ouch, ugh! They’re both being idiots! Oh no…they’re fighting over me. No no no this wasn’t supposed to happen! Alex was supposed to ask me out, I was supposed to be with him in the closet, and now Nikko’s getting beaten up because of me!* HEY! *rips them two a part*
Alex-Sorry…Nikko deserved it *looks away, out of breath*
Nikko-Just because she might be into me and not you I deserve a beat down? *whipes his mouth, which is bleeding*
Alex-You know what?! I don’t care. She was – is – the only thing that makes me feel real…
Carter-*confused, smirks* I am?
Alex-Yeah…you are *looks at her, smiles*
Nikko-I fell in love with her! *looks as if he had just seen a ghost, thinks: I shouldn’t have said that…*
Alex- No you aren’t! *looks disappointed*
Nikko-You wouldn’t know! I have secrets…
Alex-So you kept this – from me and Carter?!
Nikko-Yeah…She’s my best friend.
Alex-She’s my best friend too, dude. *spontaneously kisses Carter* Did that mean anything to you…?
Carter-*Wipes her mouth* Actually…no it didn’t
Alex-Why Carter? Just, why?
Carter-Alex…ugh…I can’t say it, ugh…We could never be together, I don’t see you as more than my friend I’m sorry, I just don’t see you like that. You’re my best friend…I don’t think I could ever loose that. And I’m really sorry…Please don’t hate me.
Alex-It’s okay, I don’t hate you…I get it *walks away*
Carter-Ugh…gosh. *gets into Nikko’s car*
Nikko-*gets into drivers’ seat* It could have gone worse Cart, it’s okay…
Carter-*looks at him* Nikko, he hates me
Nikko-He can’t hate you, he’s only disappointed, Everything’ll spill out and be fine in the end *drives away*
Carter-*looks out the window with guilt* I hope
Nikko-*leads her chin to face him, kisses her with passion, she kisses back, they lean out of it, smiles at her*
Carter-*kisses him once more while looking straight into his eyes, backs out*I’m not supposed to fall for you…*smirks*
Nikko-*drives again* Mmm…I’m glad you did*smiles, pulls out a cigarette, lights it*
Carter-*takes the cigarette out of his hand, throws it out the window*
Nikko-You’re right *smirks*
Carter-*puts her hand over Nikko’s on the gear shift*
Nikko-*they do some finger-fooling, ending up holding hands, pulls up to her house* well, this is obviously it. *smirks*
Nikko-*leans over her opens the door, looks at her w. awe*
Carter-*pecks him on the cheek* goodnight
Nikko-*smiles* goodnight
Carter-*goes inside, Nikko drives off* I’m home! *her dad’s drunk, her mom’s been dead for 15 years, Carter’s 18, her dad beats her*
A.N. - Shall I continue? Please comment :) Thanks everyone

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softballwriter18 said...
Jan. 23, 2011 at 9:18 am
I love this Pleaseeeeee make a part three. I fell in love wit this when i read the first one. You are a great writer!
Baseballcj101 replied...
Jan. 23, 2011 at 11:54 am
Thanks so much :) I plan on posting a part 3 :)
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