Forever and Always

January 21, 2011
By nicole... BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
nicole... BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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There I stood at the gate that I have walked through so many times. Staring up at the unlit house that seemed to shine in the moon light. This used to be my house, with the faded paint that used to be white, with the porch that had one broken step, and this gate which creaked every time you open it. Why did I never get around to fixing all that? Instead of work, I could have been working on this house for my wife and two year old son. I was so caught up with work and money that my family had slowly become second to me. Why was I so foolish? It was work that had killed me. I was so stressed that I ended up having a heart attack and died two days ago.

I reached down to open the gate, only to have my hand go through it. I wanted to see my family again. I took two steps towards the house. I need to see them, to say good bye, but I couldn’t get my self to move. What right did I have? I was never a good husband, nor a good father. I had always put things off and never got around to them. I felt my throat begin to well up. I never even got to say good bye. I woke up that day before my wife and left for work with out a kiss or a “I love you.” I never thought to check in on our son either.
“My son.” I sighed, he would never remember me and if he did there wouldn’t be anything good to say about me.

It was then that I felt the cold stab of death. I turn around to see a man in a long hood, his eyes glowing red. No it can’t be time. My breath began to get heavy as death pointed to the upstairs window. I looked up to see a light flicker on, it wasn’t just any light, it was the light to my bedroom. My heart began to beat as my wife’s beautiful face appeared holding our child in her arms. Death now grabbed my shoulder.

“No!” I screamed, trying to break free, but it was no use. Death had his grip on me. “Isabelle! Please look at me!” I was struggling. I wanted to run up to our room and hug her one last time. Death started to pull me away. “Isabelle!” I looked back up with tears in my eyes as she finally looked at me, as if she heard my screams. I couldn’t help but smile.
“I love you.” I whispered, “Forever and always.” it was now that I turned around feeling the light in our bedroom go out as I began to walk in to the darkness.

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